Brenzy Shares the Inspiration Behind Her Breezy New Single, 'brunch'

We've been digging Brenzy's breezy, chill "brunch" ever since its initial release at the start of April, and with its music video dropping last week, we're even more obsessed.

The track is an ode to cozy Sundays with the girls, with a vibe that will remind you of sleeping in and lazing about with the people you care about, without a care in the world. The new video really brings the feeling to life, and we got to ask Brenzy all about the song, its lyrics and how it came to be.

The Story Behind 'brunch'

Brenzy: This song pretty much came from the fact that I just don't go out much! I'm more of a homebody and I like to just hang out at home, in my pajamas and with my dog. But every now and then, I'll be on Instagram or TikTok and see a group of girlfriends getting all cute and dressed up to go to brunch and I'm like, "That looks like so much fun! I wanna do that!" My songs are kind of like a diary/monologue, so "brunch" was born!


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What 'brunch Means

Brenzy: Honestly, this song is just a lot of fun to me. I hope this song makes my listeners want to move and have a good time. Hopefully, it'll give them a new Sunday brunch anthem, too!

Brenzy press photo pink lounge set

(Image courtesy of Grass Fed Music)


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Brenzy's Favorite Lyric

Brenzy: I think my favorite lyric from the song is "Tap into my feminine side, I'll give her time to live her life." I'm a pretty guarded person, and I've always had a tough time tapping into my feminine energy. This lyric represented letting that guard down and being more carefree during this "brunch fantasy." It added a little depth to a very light-hearted song.

Brenzy press photo pink lounge set

(Image courtesy of Grass Fed Music)


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