This Company Can Craft a Lego Person That Looks JUST Like You

We've always wanted Lego minifigs that look just like us, but we've never had much luck ripping other lego people apart to try to make the perfect replicas.

Brick Yourself: Woman holding Lego figure in frame

(via Firebox)

U.K. company Firebox is making our dreams come true and taking the DIY out of the equation with Brick Yourself. They make completely personalized Lego mini figures for people, and they look awesome.

Each one comes in a special frame for you to proudly display—but of course, the frame also opens so you can take your mini-you and play with it to your heart's content. We're assuming this option will be more popular than keeping it in the frame to collect dust.

The customization process is pretty simple. You just have to upload an image of yourself and describe your look and sense of style (and if you want to be holding anything) so they can construct the figure. You also get to select the text that goes under your framed figure.

Brick Yourself: Father Figure lego man

(via Firebox)

But there's a big catch—this product doesn't actually ship to the United States. According to Firebox's website, they are working on changing this. The second they do, we're considering ordering Lego versions of everyone at Sweety High.


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