Bridgit Mendler Discusses Attending USC and More!

Bridgit Mendler discusses attending USC and more in a new interview with Vanity Fair!Bridgit Mendler Discusses Attending USC

Bridgit Mendler has a full schedule ahead of her now that she's enrolled in one course at USC and pursuing a degree in college, on top of the acting and musical career!

Bridgit is currently gearing up for her first official tour for her debut album, "Hello My Name Is…"

In the interview with Vanity Fair, she revealed that she was just 11 when she started acting. She lived in the Bay Area in Northern California, where only voice and commercial work were available.

Eventually, she decided she needed to work in L.A. to take on bigger roles. One of her first roles was a part in the soap opera General Hospital.

For a while, she focused on acting and music was just a hobby.

"It was more the case that music was something I did on my own time, I just loved doing it, it was an outlet for me," Bridget explained. "I'd bring my guitar to set everyday and that's how we'd spend our downtime, is in between scenes we'd be jamming in my dressing room. I think I kind of started to get more confidence with that and just see it as an actual career possibility."

Bridgit now has a successful musical career, but on top of the singing, she is also a songwriter who writes most of her own songs. She likes writing because it empowers her to sharie her personal experiences and feelings with the world.

"It's also been a creative, imaginative thing," she said. "I love telling stories, creating the world of the song."

In the future, she wants to continue both her acting and music careers as she continues attending her college courses!

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