Bridgit Mendler: "It's Such a Compliment" to Be Compared to Taylor Swift

Bridgit Mendler's music video for "How to Believe" premiered in July and comparisons were immediately drawn between Bridgit and country singer Taylor Swift. In an interview, Bridgit said that she considers the comparisons a compliment but is still trying to do her own thing in music.

"It was so unintentional (laughs). It wasn't like, 'Taylor plays guitar, lets play my guitar; she has wavy hair, let's make mine wavy too‚' kind of thing. It's such a compliment to even be compared to her because she's been such a success and of course, she's gorgeous," says Bridgit. "But she's not who I'm trying to be musically. I'm still finding my own thing to do in music."