Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend was way off—for me, it’s makeup.

Whether I’m learning how to create the perfect winged eyeliner or watching a YouTube tutorial on shaping my brows, I can’t seem to get enough.

But the best part of makeup? Eye shadow, duh. I was able to test out some popping shades, and crafted some very out-there looks. Read on to see how they turned out!


I am by no means a makeup professional, so if even I’m able to create a fun and bright eye, you can, too. The team over at 3INA sent me a box of goodies and these were the results:

blue and purple eyeshadow makeup

I hadn’t tried colored mascara before this, but I must say, I’m totally hooked. it’s an unexpected and vibrant pop that comes across as edgy and glamorous. I used the Colour Mascara 103.

The eye shadows I used are very bright, so I was hesitant to apply them at first. But once I got used to the consistency, it was simple. I think sticking to one color on the lid is the way to go when using a cream shadow, so for this look I used the Cream Eyeshadow 303 on my upper lid and Cream Shadow 307 on my lower lash line. Side-note: These cream shadows will definitely last throughout the day.


Urban Decay

I’ve been using Urban Decay since their Naked 1 palette came out in 2010, and I’ve stayed a loyal customer ever since. My favorite palette to-date is Naked Heat. The orange hues look great on any skin tone, paired with any eye color. It’s been my go-to eye look for the last year or two, and I’m still not sick of it.

orange eyeshadow makeup

This time around I brought the heat and applied Euphoria-inspired lines. I simply wet an angle brush and gently swept the color, Dirty Talk, in straight lines. I like to try different color combinations every time I use Naked Heat, and this time I stuck with Low Blow, Lumber and Scorched. This bold look is very easy to achieve—I got it right the first time around!



Labelle Makeup

Eyeshadow palettes are typically tricky because you always end up gravitating toward only a few options. They tend to have varying shades of the same color, so it gets pretty boring. However, with Labelle’s Color Splurge Palette, the hues are unique and different enough that you’ll get use out of all of them (that is, if you’re daring enough).

red and yellow eyeshadow makeup

After playing around with the palette, I landed on the shades Tomato and Sunshine. I applied Tomato all over my top lid and Sunshine under my lower lash line. I threw on yellow mascara from 3INA on my lower lashes and called it a day. I think eyeliner would make it look a bit too harsh, as I’m all about keeping things simple.

I probably wouldn’t do this color combo again, but the colors individually are beautiful and very pigmented.


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