Britney Spears Merch You Need in Your Life

The #FreeBritney movement has been around for years, but it's only recently that it's getting support from the masses.

Britney Spears is one of our favorite pop stars of all time, and to this day she still sings and dances better than anyone else. Whether you're a fan of her OG material like "Lucky" or "Hit Me Baby," or you're more into her songs like "Circus" or "Gimme More," you've come to the right place.

Feel like showing off your support for the popstar? Keep scrolling for the Britney Spears merch you need in your life.

DesingsByNorth Britney Spears Tote Bag: $10.99

There are endless uses for a tote bag. Whether you use it as a purse, grocery bag, backpack, overnight bag, gym bag or something else, there are so many options. When we saw this one featuring a young Britney Spears, we knew we needed to have it in our lives.

britney spears tote bag

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WoodMunkey Britney Spears Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Set: $24.99

If you're a die-hard Britney fan, we're sure you already have all the typical merch. But do you have a utensil set? We love the idea of placing these in a jar on the counter so that they're always on display. Whether you whip them out for special occasions or use them on the reg, these handmade utensils are a total must.

britney spears kitchen serving spoons

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ShopJosieB Welcome Everyone Except Britney's Dad Doormat: $26.25+

The #FreeBritney movement has shed a lot of light on her father, and we are not fans of the man. If you agree, you absolutely need this doormat that says, "Welcome everyone except Britney's dad." It's funny and is bound to start a conversation with the guests you have over. Not to mention what a great IG or TikTok moment this will make.

britney spears welcome mat doormat

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PopGangsta Britney Spears Graphic Tee: $49+

If you're into graphic tees we think you'll adore this shirt featuring Britney Spears. Not only does she look absolutely stunning, but the design on the shirt itself is amazing, too! The back of the shirt even says "Free Britney" in a neon green—it's so cute.

britney spears t shirt

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PennyAndBabyCrafts Britney Spears Inspired Kitchen Dish Towels: $7

Another great piece of Britney merch that would look amazing on your social media feed are these dish towels. Inspired by some of her most popular songs, these towels bring out all the nostalgia. Our favorite one has to be "Want a piece of me?" because of the cute cheese illustration. It's perfect to place next to a charcuterie board.

britney spears kitchen towels

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ScarletOakDesignsCo Britney Spears Toxic Mug: $15.99

"Toxic" is without a doubt one of the best Britney jams of all time. Channel your inner Britney-turned-flight attendant with this cute coffee mug. It's the perfect replica of what she looks like in the music video. Whether you use this for your morning cup of joe or get it as a gift for your Britney-obsessed BFF, you truly can't go wrong with this mug.

britney spears coffee mug

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PopCultureMN Britney Spears Pinbacks or Magnets: $13.50

We love the idea of decking out a backpack or tote bag with pins. This set will show off your love for Britney Spears and is bound to get you tons of compliments. If pins aren't your thing, their also available as magnets. Put them on the fridge to hang up old pics or concert tickets.

britney spears pins magnets

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