You Won't Believe the Intricate Pieces of Art Brittani Rose Creates With Paper

There are an endless number of uses for paper.

For artist Brittani Rose, she uses it to create the most intricate illustrations you've ever laid eyes on.

To find out how she first got her start in paper illustration and the process behind each of her pieces, we sat down for an intimate chat with the paper goddess.

Keep scrolling to get to know Brittani a bit better and to see some of her incredible artwork!

Sweety High: How did you get started in creating your paper illustrations?

Brittani Rose: Crafting is something that has always been a part of me. Since the age of four, I was especially attracted to crafting with paper. I would sit for hours making paper dolls, cards and pictures from cut paper. It was the one thing that brought me pure happiness, and it still does.

Growing up, I said I wanted to be a ballerina, veterinarian, interior designer and a fashion editor, but I never imagined the possibility of turning my love of art into my profession. During my teen years, fashion integrated into my creations. Looking back, it was the beginning stages of me evolving into a paper illustrator. I would sit on my bed listening to Blink-182 and Lit while going through piles of my mom's old fashion magazines, tearing out, collaging and creating mixed media art with anything that inspired me. I remember admiring fashion illustrations and thinking how cool it would be to have a job as an artist working with my favorite magazines and brands. I started getting noticed and commissioned for my work after creating a family portrait as a gift to my mom. From that point on, I've ran with it and never looked back.


SH: How did you gain the skill set required in order to create your paper illustrations?

BR: It started from a passion and desire to make art from a very young age, and crafting everyday took me into the art of paper. Like anything, it was a learning process that took many years of projects to perfect. It was those, "Oops, well that didn't work" moments that taught me the most. I am still discovering and growing. I truly don't believe there are limitations in art, as it continuously evolves.


SH: What do you love most about crafting your intricate paper art? What's the hardest part about all of it?

BR: I wake up excited about my day and eager to get into my studio. Over the years, my work has become more and more detail focused, which means it takes more time for me to complete projects. I want to perfectly portray what I am illustrating and that means studying and creating each and every detail. This, however, has made it hard for me to find time to freely create.


SH: What's your process for creating one of your portraits?

BR: Before I am able to begin a portrait, I have my clients fill out a detailed questionnaire and provide me with multiple photos for reference. I then go over all the information and study every detail of the photos while taking notes on everything from the fabrics down to the stitching. The time it takes to complete a project varies depending on the complexity. Generally, it takes me about a week to complete most pieces.


SH: Do you have any standout stories behind any of the portraits you've made?

BR: A particular time that stands out to me was when I was commissioned by my first celebrity client, Amber Stevens West, to create a custom portrait of her and her husband, Andrew West. This was an exciting time in my business, as I was seeing the hard work paying off and my business getting noticed. When I first opened up my online store, I dreamed of the day I could work with a celebrity client. I can proudly say that has now been checked off my list.


SH: Do you have a favorite piece of art you've created? Which one was the most difficult to make?

BR: I teamed up with one of Anthropologie's stores to create an illustration on gifting during the holidays. This particular piece is close to my heart. First, because I just love the company, and second, because it was the door to discovering where my passion lies as an illustrator. It was a way for me to combine my lifelong love for fashion and art into one.

As far as my most difficult piece goes, I would have to say my wedding portraits as a whole. The intricate lace detailing, beadwork and structure of the gowns have been the most challenging and time-consuming, with some taking up to three weeks to complete.


SH: What do you hope others take away from seeing your creations?

BR: The fun of seeing themselves, their pets or fashion captured in a paper dimension and the craftsmanship that is put into each illustration. It really is a labor of love and deep appreciation for the tiny details that make up the pieces I replicate.


SH: What's your advice for aspiring artists?

BR: Discover what it is that brings you the most joy and immerse yourself in the culture of it. Hone in on your style and practice, practice, practice! Like they say, "Practice makes perfect." I know this is so cliché, but it is truly the most important ingredient in learning and growing.


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