Brittney Saunders Discusses Being a Beauty Vlogger!

Brittney Saunders is an Australian beauty guru best known for her beautybybrittneyx channel on YouTube. She's made a name for herself and done interviews for news sources including Teen Vogue and the Australian publication, Social Life Magazine!

Sweety High spoke to Brittney regarding makeup, her success as a beauty vlogger, and her awesome sense of humor!

Brittney Saunders

Brittney Saunders started out her stint on YouTube as a vlogger. She made a second channel on a whim to focus on beauty tips.

"Before I got into making 'beauty' videos I actually didn't have much interest in makeup, skincare or beauty at all, it was YouTube that actually got me into it!" Brittney admitted. "I got my inspiration from watching other girls making videos!"

Watching them inspired her to give beauty videos a shot.

"I thought to myself 'I'm not really good at makeup, but I like to think I am entertaining, so I might give it a go," Brittney said. "And boy am I glad I did!"

She started uploaded her beauty videos toward the end of 2011. Immediately, the number of subscribers began to grow. This shocked Brittney.

"My videos were terrible so I am so surprised that people started watching and subscribing straight away," she joked. "It was really crazy to me!"

She remembered her excitement when she reached the landmark of 50 subscribers. Now, she has 1000 times that number.

"Having over 50,000 subscribers now is just absolutely mind-blowing," she said. "I never thought in my life that over 50,000 people from around the world would subscribe to my channel! I have no words."

Brittney doesn't have too much trouble becoming inspired to create new videos. Her creativity shines through in everything she does.

"I like to believe that I am a pretty creative person and that I have a pretty artistic mind," Brittney said, "so a lot of the random videos that I make sometimes just pop into my head."

When inspiration doesn't strike on its own, she browses popular "tag" videos. When other girls are making themed videos such as "What's in my bag?" or "40 Facial Expressions" videos, it's easy to get involved with the trend.

While Brittney generally makes amazing makeup tutorials showing off fabulous looks, she also makes ones that aren't to be taken seriously.

In one of her first videos, titled "Everyday School Makeup Tutorial" she rubs foundation in her hair and eyebrows and pulls off a ton of other beauty faux pas.

"I don't think anything really gave me an idea to make parody makeup videos, it just kind of happened naturally as that is the kind of person I am."

In one video, she absolutely coats her younger sister Emma's face in colorful shades of makeup until it looks like she's wearing a party mask.

"Prom is all about looking the most beautiful you ever have, getting all dolled up for the big night that you will never forget," Brittney said, "so I thought I would just make fun of it by making her look a little over the top and exaggerated."

Though Emma manages to keep a straight face throughout the video, Brittney said that they had to continually pause and restart filming because the two spent so much of it laughing.

We asked Brittney if she ever worries about her sense of humor being misinterpreted.

"Yes!" she said. "And to be honest with you some people don't get my humour sometimes, but I totally understand as I think most of those people are international viewers!"

She explained that the Australian sense of humor might be more bizarre than some of her international viewers are used to.

"But I have to take the bad with the good when I upload a funny video or parody video and just hope that everyone understands where I am coming from and what I am trying to portray in the video," she explained.

Brittney said that she thinks aspiring makeup gurus should go for it.

"Nothing should be stopping them!" she said. "It's an amazing experience."

At the same time, she doesn't think that girls need to rush into wearing makeup if they're not ready.

"Girls and guys who are just starting to experiment with makeup, take it easy!" Brittney said. "I feel like a lot of girls are pressured into wearing makeup these days to look more 'beautiful.' To me, makeup is something we should use to enhance what we already have! Not to cover it up!"

What are some of Brittney's other passions?

"That's actually a really hard question as making YouTube videos is actually my number 1 passion," she said.

Outside of YouTube, she is a BIG fan of food, loves her family and friends, and is very into art, exercising, music, and movies.

A special message to Brittney's fans:

"[I'd love to let me fans know] how much I love them! I cannot even explain to them enough in words how grateful I am that there are thousands of people out there in the world who are dedicated to watching my videos every week! I never thought that something like this would happen to me in my life and I am forever grateful and blessed to have so many amazing viewers!"

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