Brooke Raboutou, Tween Rock Climbing Prodigy!

Brooke Raboutou is a 12-year-old rock climber who has set a number of world records with her incredible climbing abilities!
Brooke Raboutou

We recently spoke with the young athlete about her inspirations and what rock climbing means to her.

Brooke said that her motivation to climb comes from the thrill of facing a challenge.

"I really like the challenge as well as the physical and mental combination," Brooke said.

It takes a lot of hard work for Brooke to master difficult climbs. However, she said that when she does, she doesn't dwell on the accomplishment for too long.

"It feels really great for that day and then I'm on to new challenges," she said.

Brooke has shattered a number of rock climbing records, but she said that getting her name in the books is not what motivates her.

"It's not so important to me to break a new record as it is to break my own record," she said.

Her parents, Didier Raboutou and Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou, are also seasoned rock climbers. In fact, Brooke's mother is a five-time U.S Champion and four-time Word Cup Champion in the sport.

Brooke said that her love for the sport definitely inspired her to take up rock climbing as well.

"I don't know what I'd be doing if my parents weren't climbing," she said. "I'd probably be a gymnast."

So what does Brooke love so much about rock climbing?

"Everything!" she said. "I love climbing outside, meeting new people from all over the world and climbing with my teammates."

Brooke is also passionate about dancing, singing, creating art and going to school.

"But none of them are as special as climbing," she said.

While many of today's top young rock climbers are girls, Brooke insisted that boys can be just as adept at climbing.

"Mirko [Caballero] is a boy and he's also leading the way," she said.

But Brooke said she is definitely an advocate for girl power!

In fact, Brooke recently took second place at the USA National Championships, and this summer the family is returning to Europe!

Brooke said that she can't wait for the opportunities the sport will bring her in the future!

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