Brooklyn and Bailey Talk Heading to College and Embracing Individuality as YouTube Stars

Identical twins Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight have come a long way from their first appearance on their mom's YouTube channel, CuteGirlHairstyles.

What started as a general interest from fans about the hair models in the videos eventually led this dynamic duo to start a YouTube channel of their own. Now, with 5.3 million subscribers and over 813 million views, it doesn't look like this pair has plans of slowing down any time soon.

However, this set of twins is still going through quite a few life changes. In just a few short days, they'll be heading off on their next adventure—their first year of college at Baylor University. Which obviously begs the question: Is their new life as college freshman going to have an impact on their social media presence?

"Coming from high school, where you have eight hours a day of schoolwork, it honestly might get easier with college because you don't have eight hours of classes every day," Bailey tells Sweety High. "Plus, we do blog-style videos that are focused on the things we're actually doing, so hopefully it won't change that much."

"Our channel has always been a 'Grow Up With Us' channel where fans can get a look at our actual lives and the things we're experiencing," Brooklyn adds. "Our fans have evolved with us and hopefully they'll just continue to do that."

Although they might have more free time in the near future, with so many projects already in the works, it's hard to imagine these girls getting any busier. From posting weekly videos to creating their own line of mascara and scrunchies, these gals are definitely honing their entrepreneurial spirit. And now, they've added a new collaboration with JCPenney's exclusive brand, Arizona, to the mix.

As a part of Arizona's #AZYouAre social campaign that encourages teens to embrace their individuality and style, Brooklyn and Bailey launched custom backpacks curated with their favorite items. On sale now for $25, each backpack includes a custom designed T-shirt, jewelry, a dry shampoo pen, and makeup samples that reflect each girl's individual style. Where Brooklyn's reflects her edgier, street chic flair and love of rings, Bailey's backpack embraces her bubbly and colorful fashion alongside a set of girly earrings. 

Each girl also chose their top picks from the Arizona collection, allowing fans to get an even closer glimpse into their personal style. "We love the Arizona brand because it represents the everyday teen," Brooklyn and Bailey said in a press release. "We're just average girls, like all of our followers, so partnering with JCPenney on Arizona, a brand that has something for everyone, was such an authentic fit."

Unfortunately, Brooklyn's backpack is already sold out, but you can shop Bailey's backpack and the rest of their top picks collection HERE.


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