Here's What You Should Know About YouTubers Brooklyn and Bailey

YouTubers Brooklyn and Bailey are serious renaissance women.

Their channel is full of fun beauty, fashion vlogs and music videos that have us completely addicted. Get to know the lovely ladies behind this wildly cool channel below!


(Photo Credit: Duo Star Productions)

Names: Brooklyn & Bailey McKnight

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Birthday: Dec. 31

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn

Fun Facts:

1. Brooklyn's fave color is blue and Bailey's is forest green. They're gorgeous shades and look amazing on them.

2. Venturing into the music world was a huge risk for them.

"We were so nervous, but it paid off and was so fun" – Brooklyn & Bailey

3. They have way too much fun touring and singing. They do crazy things like make human pyramids, and before every performance they do a team cheer together.


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4. If they weren't already working their dream job as YouTubers, their second choice would be to become Disney princesses.

5. They're super huge fans of Jason Mraz and AJR.

6. They've grown and learned a lot of lessons in the past year, but the biggest one was never letting fear keep you from trying new things.

"This year was full of new adventures for us, and all of them were worth the risk" – Brooklyn & Bailey

Travel the world????

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7. Whenever they need inspiration, they look to other strong women, including their mom, Zendaya, Emma Watson and Millie Bobby Brown.


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