Sorry Suitors, Brooklyn Queen Insists She's 'Too Young to Be Dating'

Brooklyn Queen couldn't be sassier in her music videos (and with her signature nail art)—but when the cameras stop rolling, the lovable rapper is a down-to-earth 13-year-old who listens to her mom.

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Yep, no diva antics here, our former #WCW told us last week.

"My mom stays on me a lot," she said. "If I do something that I'm not supposed to be doing, she tells me not to do it because this or that could happen. She thinks further of it so that I don't do anything that can reflect on me and be an issue in my career."

That said, it's probably not that big of a surprise that crushing on potential suitors is the furthest thing from her mind right now.

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When asked if she's dating anyone, Brooklyn asserted, without hesitation, "No! I'm too young to be dating someone. It's just—no."

Further proving "diva" is not one of her IRL defining traits, Brooklyn said that when she does finally decide to date, she only cares about "personality," adding, "I don't care about your looks. If you're nice, then you're nice."

In addition to her mom, Brooklyn—whose stage name comes from her birth name, not her place of residence (she's actually from Detroit!)—lists Queen Bey as a huge influence in her life.

"Beyoncé has always inspired me," Brooklyn says. "Her music just makes you want to do everything. She can make you dance, make you cry; she can pull anything out of you. I started rapping when I was five, but once I got older, I wanted to keep doing it because I wanted my music to reflect on everyone else. It's just something that I love to do."


BQ may not be ready to get into a relationship just yet, but when she does, she should read THIS list of things we wish we knew before we started dating.