You Need This Olive Green Sweatsuit From Brunette the Label

My sweatsuit collection is a bit out of hand these days.

If I were to guess, I'd say I have about 15 sweatsuits, but I only wear a small handful of them. I'm rather picky when it comes to material, thickness, fit and style, so it takes a lot to please me. The team over at Brunette the Label asked if I'd be interested in trying out their new fall collection ahead of launch, sweatsuits included. I chose an olive green one to test out for myself, and OMG, I think it's one of my favorites ever. Below, you'll find my full review of the sweatsuit from Brunette the Label.

The Brand

Brunette the Label's mission is to "Uplift all babes, all day, every day," and I simply adore it. I'd like to think of myself as a babe, too! The brand describes a babe as "A person who always assumes positive intent, goes out of their way to uplift others and focuses their personal energy on growing what is good in the world." Why wouldn't I want to support a company with such an interesting and optimistic outlook?

Brunette the Label is a fashion brand that offers tons of products, ranging from sweatsuits to dresses, accessories, hoodies and more! I haven't tried any of their other clothes, but if they're half as good as the sweatsuit, I imagine they're incredible.


The Sweatsuit

The 'Babes Social Club' Best Friend Crew Neck Sweatshirt in Olive: $90

It'finally starting to cool down where I live, and that means I've been living in this stunner of a sweatshirt. Coming in a gorgeous olive tone, this baby fits me perfectly in all the right places. Featuring a comfy slouchy fit and a crewneck style, it's great for lounging around, walking around the neighborhood and going on errands!

The waistband at the bottom isn't too tight or too loose—it'just right. The cuffs are made from the same material and fit pretty much the same way, not too tight or loose! If I'm cooking, for example, I can easily move the sleeves up a bit and I don't feel constricted or like there's a loss of blood flow.


The "Babes Social Club" Best Friend Jogger in Olive: $99

The joggers, on the other hand, have to be the best part of this sweatsuit. As I sit here writing, I'm wearing them and have never felt so cozy and snug. They're high-waisted, and on my 5'9″ body, the waistband rests just below my belly button.

I bring these with me to my gym all the time to change into after my workout, steam and shower. There's nothing better than being in buttery-soft and warm pants—nothing! Plus, they look adorable with the matching sweatshirt. I was afraid I'd look like a green blob, but it actually looks pretty dang good.


Bottom Line

If you're on the hunt for a super comfy sweatsuit, look no further than Brunette the Label. They have tons of collections and styles to choose from, but this Best Friend one has to be my favorite. It's definitely on the more expensive side, but if you have the budget to get it, I'd say go for it.


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