Everything You Need to Know About Actor, Musician and Social Media Star Bryce Xavier

Bryce Xavier is a man of so many talents that we could obviously never pick just one to adore him for.

He's an actor, singer, violinist, model and social media sensation with millions of fans around the world, making us think he can absolutely conquer anything he sets his mind to. We also can't stop listening to his recently released EP, Butterfly EffectLove Bryce? Here's everything you ever wanted to know about him.

Bryce Xavier Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Gabriel Stewart)

Name: Bryce Xavier

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Birthday: February 15

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Fun Facts:

1. Bryce's favorite restaurant meal is the lasagna from Maggiano's.

2. If he could cast anyone to play him in a movie, it'd be Jaden Smith.

3. He's always wanted to learn how to ride a horse.

4. He's scared of both spiders and the ocean.

5. After a tough day, he likes to unwind by either writing music or watching a movie.

6. Unlike most other people, he loves doing cardio.

7. Chocolate is his biggest guilty pleasure.

8. He'll always have fond memories of his mom's homemade enchiladas.

9. Forgiveness and empathy are core to who Bryce is.

10. He's also very passionate about his work.

"I love what I do, or I won't do it."

-Bryce Xavier


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