Brye Talks Collaborating With Cavetown on 'Lemons' and Her New Track 'Letter to Blueberry'

At this point, we're not quite sure what we'd do without TikTok. We use it for beauty tips, cooking tutorials and to entertain ourselves and kill time, but maybe most importantly, it's how we've discovered all of our favorite music lately.

That includes the powerful and raw song "Lemons" by Brye, which went viral on the platform, and has now been streamed about 20 million times. 17-year-old Brye recently released a new version of the track featured Cavetown, and we haven't stopped listening since it first blessed our ears.

Her next single, Letter to Blueberry, " released earlier this month, cementing Brye as a songwriting powerhouse (who also produces all her own stuff). We were impressed, so we had to get to know more about both songs and how they came to be. Keep reading to find out everything she revealed to us.

Sweety High: What was the songwriting process behind "Lemons"?

Brye: I don't really have a songwriting process. I'm usually upset about something and I just word vomit until a song forms.


SH: What inspired the song, and why is it meaningful to you?

Brye" Lemons was inspired by a series of really toxic guys. I was bullied during the first half of my sophomore year and it was almost exclusively older guys who felt I was "too confident" and wanted to "take me down a peg." I had been walked all over for a long time and didn't process or work through it until I wrote "Lemons."

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SH: Do you have any advice for getting over heartbreak, or out of a bad relationship?

Brye: Don't do what I do. Don't sacrifice your independence or ability to be alone under the guise of "love."


SH: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Brye: When I was young, it was Sara Bareilles. Now artists like Dodie and Melanie Martinez are my main influences.

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SH: What has it been like to make such a huge name for yourself on TikTok?

Brye: It's been wild and so exciting to directly interact with my fans.


SH: What do you think it is about TikTok that's allowed you to succeed in such an impactful way?

Brye: Just the constant growth. It never stops.


SH: What was it like to get to redo the song with Cavetown? What do you think he's added to the song that wasn't there before?

Brye: He's great at playing the "sour boy" character, and his addition of a second point of view was so cool to watch unfold.


SH: What inspired "Letter to Blueberry"

Brye: "Letter to Blueberry" is a sort of parting gift. The final letter to my first love in hopes of bringing closure. While a lot of it is specific to me, I know many will find it relatable. It's real, raw, confessional and bittersweet.


SH: You've also used TikTok to discuss stuff like body acceptance and authenticity. Why are these topics so important to you?

Brye: Growing up a girl I have been picked apart an uncomfortable amount. Growing up online and seeing photoshopped posed photos 24/7 has definitely shaped the way I think about my body and I want to open a door into authenticity for the sake of the young girls following me


SH: What do you think sets you apart from the other musical artists out there today?

Brye: I produce, write and sing all of my music. You don't find many female producers, let alone 17-year-old female producers with solo work.

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