The Best BTS Instagram Fan Accounts to Follow (for Each Bias)

Let's be honest, you can never really follow too many BTS fan accounts on social media—but some outshine the rest.

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Whether you're a Jin fan or a Suga stan, we've got you covered with a list of must-follow Instagram accounts for each awesomely talented member of the wildly popular South Korean boy band.

Keep reading for the best BTS Instagram fan accounts to follow (for every bias).


V's real name is Kim Tae-hyung, which is part of the title of one of the best Instagram accounts dedicated solely to this amazing vocalist. The account, @taehyungarmy boasts an impressive 1.7 million followers and posts multiple times a day, meaning there's little chance you'll miss any important V-related updates. What's more? The account also shares a good mix of throwback content as well as current updates, which means you can reminisce to your heart's content.

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If J-Hope is your favorite BTS member, @bts_jhope is the fanstagram for you. Though this account isn't updated quite as frequently as the fan account for V, the photos and videos that are shared here aren't the run-of-the-mill content you'll see littered all over social media. Instead, what you'll find here is curated from the boys' various social media channels, as well as those from people in their inner circle. There's a reason this respected J-Hope fan account has more than 5 million followers.

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Looking for an account that will bring you the many, many faces of RM, A.K.A Kim Nam-joon? @btsnamjoon has you covered. This fan account, which has nearly 5 million followers, gives Instagram users an up close and personal look at BTS's talented leader and rapper. What's more? Nearly all of the posts look stunning, which means you won't need to think twice before regramming them and sharing them on your own page.

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If Jin is more your speed, look no further than the @jin.bts fan account, which focuses on an array of content that relates specifically to the boy band's intrepid vocalist. With more than 1,0000 posts and upwards of 5 million followers, there's plenty of diehard fan-worthy content to peep here, as well as a new post (or two) to see every few days. What we love about this fan account is its penchant for rarely seen Jin gems.

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Be in the know along with other BTS and Jimin fans by giving the @btsjimin fanstagram a follow. Though not as post-happy as some of the other Jimin-focused fan accounts, this page, which has nearly 6.5 million devoted followers, shares high quality images and videos of the beloved band member, and isn't bogged down with fan art or poorly edited content. If you're new to this account, go ahead and comb through the more than 1,200 posts that have already been shared. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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Searching for some Jungkook content? Look no further than the @bts.jungkook fanstagram account. Not only does the page post updates frequently, but it's also followed by more than 6.3 million dedicated BTS fans, meaning you'll always have someone to talk to about your fave member of the wildly popular boy band. We're particularly fond of the myriad of Jungkook-centered video clips, which document everything from fun hotel room antics to late-night pizza eating sessions.

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Get that Suga content you crave by following @yoongibts on Instagram. The fan account specializes in solo shots and videos of the rapper, but also features some sweet snaps of Suga and his band members. What's more? Though the BTS boys don't have Snapchat, many of them do use Snow, the South Korean version of the popular American app with disappearing content. You can find many of Suga's Snow updates on the @yoongibts Instagram page.


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