Watch BTS Slay Jimmy Fallon's Fortnite Dance Challenge

BTS can make any dance moves look good—even ones the guys borrow from video game characters.

Jimmy Fallon hosted the famed K-pop group on The Tonight Show on Sept. 25, and he got them to partake in what he calls the "Fortnight Dance Challenge." In it, he and the BTS boys all took turns imitating dance moves done by Fortnite characters in the video game. Needless to say, it was incredible.

The challenge involved moves like "Orange Justice," "Electro Shuffle" and "The Worm"—basically, ones the average person probably can't pull off. BTS didn't just pull them off, though; they slayed.

Jimmy got in on the challenge as well, and he held his own. The late-night host made the band laugh with "Zany" and "Boneless," and they all got together to do "The Floss." BTS even taught him the "Idol" dance, but he didn't quite earn a spot in the band.

Watch the whole dance challenge below. It's amazing.

BTS is just always fun to watch.

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