RM of BTS Got Super Personal in a Speech to the United Nations

BTS is inspiring on the daily, but the boy band recently took things to the next level.

Kim Nam-joon, otherwise known as RM, gave a speech to the United Nations on Sept. 24. The K-pop group has teamed up with UNICEF on the initiative Generation Unlimited, so RM, with the support of his bandmates, urged young people to embrace themselves. The seven-minute talk was jam-packed with uplifting moments.

RM's speech was very personal. He opened up about growing up in a small town and South Korea and how he was able to stop trying to fit himself in molds. It was very relatable, even though he's now an international idol.

Hearing RM discuss his path to self-acceptance was very inspiring. Believe it or not, there were once people that called BTS "hopeless," according to the rapper, which is hilarious now that we've seen how wrong they were. As he showed, he and the other six guys in the K-pop group didn't let anyone stop them for loving themselves.

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Speaking of RM's bandmates, he honored them and their fans in another special moment. The rapper made sure to acknowledge both by saying that what he has achieved "was only possible" thanks to the other members and and the BTS Army. He added that they "truly have the best fans in the world."

RM ended his speech on yet another high note. He spoke to everyone and encouraged them to share their stories, passions and convictions.

"Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself," he said.

Preach, RM.


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