Bubble Pop Is Extra-Cute Bubble Wrap Designed for Popping

I've always been a big popper of bubble wrap, but I'd never stopped to think about how the experience could get better.


That is, until I was informed of the existence of Bubble Pop. It's your standard bubble wrap, but pretty, and when its promotional team offered to send me a few rolls to see for myself, I took them up on the offer.

The Product

Bubble Pop has all the bubbly qualities of a classic roll of bubble wrap, with the added benefit of looking super cute. Behind each perfect row of poppable bubbles is a patterned backdrop. It's currently available in four patterns—polka dot, triangles, chevrons and an ombre sunset—with more set to release in the future.


It comes in 10 foot x 12 inch rolls, which are perforated so you can easily tear out ten one-foot squares from each roll for simple wrapping and shipping—though in all honesty, it'll probably be used primarily for popping purposes.


The Experience

When my rolls of Bubble Pop arrived, I immediately had to unfurl one and get popping. The sheets feel identical to traditional bubble wrap—which, in my eyes, is a very good thing. I can't tell you if it's the tactile sensation of pressing down on a squishy pocket of air or the gratifying popping sound it makes, but I can't get enough of popping bubble wrap. I've even heard it helps with stress and anxiousness.

The perforated Bubble Pop sheets make it really easy to tear them into nice squares, though I did manage to mangle a couple of them when I was being a little careless. Normally, having a perfectly straight piece of bubble wrap wouldn't be that important, but since Bubble Pop is all about the aesthetic, it does matter a little bit. While I didn't actually use any of the wrap to pack and ship anything, I'm sure it'd be just as effective as regular bubble wrap, since it feels identical.


I was sent rolls of the triangular pattern as well as the pink-purple-blue ombre pattern. I found the triangles visually striking and a ton of fun to look at. The ombre appears a little less impressive because the colors don't pop as much as they could. At a distance, you might mistake it for an unpatterned dull blue. Had they saturated those colors a little more, it might stand out better. Thankfully, it remained just as fun to pop.



Bottom Line

If you've ever bought a roll of bubble wrap for the sole purpose of popping, Bubble Pop was made for you. The bubbles are satisfying to burst, and the cute patterns make doing so feel more purposeful, and less like a guilty pleasure. I imagine it could also be great for sending small gifts to people in the mail, adding a fun element of surprise on top of receiving a package from a friend or family member.


The idea is so simple I can't believe it wasn't invented earlier, and while it's a novelty that won't appeal to everyone, I'm still obsessed and plan to pop every sheet I have. Because of it's somewhat generic name it's a little hard to track down online, but you should be able to find it in Walmart stores across the country.


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