Bucket List of Things to Do With Your BFFs Before Graduation

Spending time with your BFFs is important, especially if graduation from middle school or high school is around the corner.

To make the most of the last few months of uninterrupted time with your besties, we've created a "bucket list" of six things to do with your pals before you don a cap and gown and go your separate ways.

Scroll down to see our suggestions so you can start prepping!

Make a Photo Album

Whether you're going off to a new high school or college in a few months, chances are you'll be seeing much less of your BFFs. This means you'll need to create ways to feel close to them as you enter different phases of your life. In addition to the obvious texts and phone calls, one way to solidify the bond you have with your pals is by making a photo album that contains some of your sweetest and fondest memories. You can work on these keepsakes together before you each go off and do your own thing, and then take them with you as you start the next phase of your life. They'll serve as a great reminder that even though your BFFs are no longer with you 24/7, you still share an unbreakable bond.

To take the keepsake idea to the next level, create a time capsule full of things that mean a lot to you and your friends. You can revisit it when you're home for the holidays and feeling nostalgic.

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Leave a Message on One of Your Favorite Hangout Spots

Chances are you and your besties have a handful of go-to spots where you like to spend time together. They're likely very significant to you for a number of reasons, so why not (responsibly) leave your mark? Now, we're not talking about the destruction of public property here, but there's no harm in say, hiding a funny note from you and your bestie in an old textbook, or etching your initials in a tree at your favorite park. The experience itself is one you'll remember forever, and it's a fun, lasting way to honor your friendship.


Host a Massive Sleepover

Is there really anything more fun than hosting a massive sleepover with your pals? Sure, you may think you've grown out of this tradition, but that doesn't mean it's no longer fun. Gathering all your pals in one place is a great way to say farewell, especially if you sprinkle in some favorite activities along the way. Binge-watch some beloved movies, bake cookies and talk until the sun comes up—it's guaranteed to be a night you won't forget.

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Throw an At-Home Spa Day

For something a bit more low-key, but just as fun, go ahead and throw an at-home spa day. The relaxing activities (DIY facials, manicures, etc.) will provide some time for you and your pals to reflect on all you've done and shared together, while also acting as a great way to recharge before you embark on your next big adventure.


Take a Road Trip

Spending time together in familiar spaces is meaningful and important in its own right, but you should also think of this time in your life as a great way to explore new activities and surroundings with people who are important to you. If you can, take a road trip to a new locale so you can bond over a new set of shared experiences that you'll carry with you as you grow and mature. If a trip somewhere entirely new is out of the question, opt for a fun-filled staycation instead. Check out a part of your hometown you wouldn't normally visit, or go ahead and veg out in front of the TV with some tasty room service.

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Go to a Concert or Play

Concerts and plays are a great way to expose yourself to something you might not otherwise see or experience, and doing something like that alongside your BFF makes the activity that much more meaningful. It also acts as something you can both remember fondly as you set out to experience a whole host of new things. If concerts or plays aren't your cup of tea, simply make the activity something you've always wanted to do together. If it challenges you in some way, that's even better because your bestie will be by your side to support and encourage you as best they can.


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