This Product Lets You Paint Your Feelings With Water and Watch Them Evaporate Before Your Eyes

Sometimes when you're feeling stressed, angry or sad, you just need to get your emotions out in the open. Buddha Board gives you a blank canvas to turn those feelings into art.

Buddha Board with brush setup

The premise of Buddha Board is simple. Dipping the brush's bristle into water allows you to paint whatever you'd like on the board's surface. The point is that the drawings are far from permanent—after minutes, your masterpiece evaporates along with the water, giving you a totally blank slate and an opportunity to create something new.

Each Buddha Board comes with a tray to fill with water, a brush and the board itself, which you place onto the tray to do your drawings. The board is about a foot long and 10 inches high. You can also put some smooth, clean stones in the tray with the water for a super zen experience.

Buddha Board tray with rocks

What does doodling have to do with being zen? Well, when you create a drawing that's an embodiment of your negative energy, watching it fade away can feel totally therapeutic.

Of course, if you've just drawn something you're really proud of, watching it slip away can be a downer. While Buddha Board is supposed to be living in the present and about becoming comfortable with letting things go, I don't think there's anything wrong with snapping a photo of a work of art every once in a while before it fades.

Also, if you want precision, be sure to not get the brush too wet. If you're like me and you're careless with that type of thing, you'll get drippy art. Even so, it still looks cool, and like all else, the drips will come to fade away as well.

Buddha Board with konnichiwa


The standard-sized Buddha Board is great for home, but it's not great for picking up and carrying around. That's why the mini Buddha Board is awesome. It's about 5 x 5 inches and folds into a neat, compact box, along with a brush and a small built-in tray for water.

Mini Buddha Board

I practiced drawing Buddha Board's logo on the mini because I liked the smooth shapes. Overall, the effect was very similar to the larger Buddha Board, just on a much smaller scale.

Mini Buddha Board with logo drawing


You can get both on Buddha Board's official website. The original starts at $34.95 and the mini costs $13.95.

If you're not looking for a therapeutic experience, Buddha Board might not be for you. Creating your work too slowly may result in the first stokes beginning to fade before your work is finished. If you're looking for permanence, just use normal paint or a pencil and paper.

But if you've been seeking out a method for distilling those emotions and watching them literally evaporate before your eyes, give Buddha Board a shot. Your mind and soul might thank you for it.


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