Buddy Benches Build New Friendships At School!

When 2nd grader Christian Bucks realized that some of the students at his school were lonely during recess, he decided to be a part of the solution by implementing "buddy benches" on the playground!Buddy Benches

The buddy bench is simply a bench where kids can sit down when they're feeling lonely or sad, where they can meet other kids to make friends.

The bench is colored in bright pink, purple, orange, yellow and orange, so it can be a fun and appealing place to take a seat and form new friendships.

The benches are a good way to allow kids to support each other, and may even help fight bullying in schools!

Christian came up with the idea after seeing a similar bench in a brochure for a school in Germany.

St. Catharine's Primary School in England has also adopted buddy benches, which have been very popular among students.

We think buddy benches are such a cute idea, and hope that it enables more kids to find friendships that will last a lifetime!

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