A Definitive Ranking of EVERY Buffalo Wild Wings Wing Flavor

With a name like Buffalo Wild Wings, you can pretty much expect some fantastic chicken options.

Known for both traditional and boneless wings, BWW provides a myriad of sauce options for any type or quantity of wing you want to order. Ranging in spice from "This is nothing" to "Yikes! Someone get me a glass of milk," these wings are known for their diversity and yummy flavor.

In the spirit of providing you with everything you need for a flawless BWW experience, we decided to rank each wing sauce a and dry seasoning, according to taste. Of course, your preferences may differ based on how much heat you can handle from your wings, but hey—we did our best.

Keep scrolling to see a definitive ranking of every Buffalo Wild Wings flavor.

24. Blazin' Carolina Reaper

Unfortunately, the hottest of the BWW sauces ranks at the bottom of our list, mostly because we could hardly taste it due to the intense burning in our mouths. Beware: This sauce doesn't play around. Blazin' is not a metaphor—this sauce is hot, it took a solid few minutes for us to recover and we probably won't be eating it again any time soon (or ever).

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23.  Jammin Jalapeño

Surprise, surprise—here's another flavor that focuses way more on heat than substance, making it another bottom-tier pick. Though the flavor does have a hint of sweetness, the main flavor you'll be getting is that rough jalapeño kick in the mouth, that lingers long after you've taken a bite. It's just not good.


22. Orange Chicken

While the orange chicken at your favorite Chinese restaurant might be downright delicious, as a flavor for wings, it just doesn't make the cut. It's the opposite of the ultra-hot flavors above, being overly sweet, with just a hint of tang. We wish there were some complexity or heat to elevate it, but it's fully lacking in those areas.


21. Lemon Pepper (Sauce)

Yes, there are currently two kinds of Lemon Pepper at Buffalo Wild Wings—one saucy, one dry. When it comes to the sauce, it just does not work for us. The sauce is more lemony than anything else, overpowering any other flavors that might be mixed in, to the point that these wings are simply sour. That might work for some people, but for us, it's a hard pass.


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20. Wild

In much the same downfall of the Blazin' sauce, it was hard to feel anything besides "Wow! My mouth hurts!" for the Wild sauce. This sauce definitely brings the heat, and while we didn't hate it as much as the Blazin' sauce, we could definitely live without eating it again. It had a perfect consistency for a wing sauce, and we could definitely get a hint of buffalo flavor, but mostly we just wanted the burning pain to end.


19. Salt & Vinegar (Dry Rub)

This one's a bit odd, to say the least. We were expecting something mouth-puckeringly vinegary, with plenty of salt, like our favorite kettle chips, but this is something else entirely. It's more peppery than vinegary, with a little hint of sweetness.  Maybe it's because it's not what we anticipated, but we weren't huge fans.


18. Original Buffalo

You might be surprised to see the flavor BBW is named after so low on this list, but there's something about it that just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. It's got the heat and the butteriness, but something is just off. Instead, we recommend the hot sauce-based flavors to get the most bang for your buck.

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17. Teriyaki

Teriyaki was highly disappointing. As one of the milder sauces, we were excited for a yummy soy flavor, and for the fact that it wouldn't burn our tongues off. In practice, however, the sauce has a weird consistency that made it especially sticky, which was a pretty unpleasant experience as we tried to chew it. Plus, there was nothing going on besides soy, and you can only eat so much of a one-dimensional flavor.


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16. Sweet BBQ

Apparently, we had a real problem with the mild sauces. The Sweet BBQ flavor just had too much sweet and not enough BBQ. It made us feel like we were digging into a dessert rather than munching on a piece of chicken. This sweet doesn't belong in our main course—sorry Sweet BBQ.

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15. Medium

As the supposed middle point of sauces, the Medium flavor was pretty "eh." It was barely hotter than the Mild sauce, and it didn't seem to pack the same flavorful punch as its less-spicy counterpart. However, it tastes like what you would expect a chicken wing to taste like, so if you're looking for a pretty normal flavor, this is definitely the way to go.


14. Caribbean Jerk

We have to be honest: We've never tasted authentic jerk chicken, so we weren't quite sure what to expect from the Caribbean Jerk sauce. It's in the medium range of sauces and definitely had a lot of flavors packed into such a tiny bite, but you get quite a bit of sweet flavor upfront before the spice really starts to kick in. The sweetness was just a bit unexpected and threw us off this flavor.


13. Spicy Garlic

The Spicy Garlic sauce was definitely tasty, but it just wasn't as powerful as we were expecting. We really wanted a solid hit of garlic backed up by a nice smooth spiciness, and we just didn't get it. Both flavors were there, but they definitely could've packed more of a punch.


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12. Parmesan Garlic

We have to say we may have been a little biased in tasting this sauce, considering we love parmesan flavors, and it wasn't bad! Sadly, the garlic flavor outweighed the parmesan flavor by just a bit, and the consistency was a little too creamy for us to fully embrace it as a wing sauce. Still, we'd definitely eat it again—just maybe not with chicken.


11. Chipotle BBQ  (Dry Rub)

rom here on out, these flavors get much tastier.  Chipotle BBQ is ranked as a "medium" flavor on the BWW menu, and while that might be a bit of an exaggeration, we still like it quite a bit. It packs a lot of flavor, blending a bit of sweetness with nice smokiness to make for something savory and delicious. Honestly, we just think it'd be a bit better as a sauce.


10. Nashville Hot

While some places go overboard with the spiciness of their Nashville Hot chicken, we think Buffalo Wild Wings gets the flavor combination just right. It's a bit sweet, and almost barbecue-like, with a nice kick that's not too hot to keep you coming back for more. While it's anything but authentic, we have to say we're fans.


9. Buffalo (Dry Rub)

Buffalo flavors and wings were just meant to be, and that includes the dry buffalo rub at Buffalo Wild Wings. It's simply got a great kick, blending a super tasty combination of herbs and spices for a bold, well-rounded flavor. We wish the saucy version tasted more like this!


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8. Desert Heat (Dry Rub)

The name of this one had us a bit scared at first, but it turns out that these dry wings are actually delicious. Sure, they're hot, but that chili heat is well-balanced with sweetness as well as a rich, smokey flavor. We know most people prefer their wings sauced, but if you're looking for lots of flavor, this one's not too shabby.


7. Asian Zing

We definitely liked the Asian Zing sauce, but we pushed it to No. 7 on our list because we felt like we would have to be in a very specific mood to order it. It definitely has a good balance of all those Asian flavors that we love—soy, ginger, chile, etc.—and it also packs a nice spicy flavor. However, there's also a sweet taste layered on top of the spices, so we would definitely have to be ready for a little sweetness to enjoy this sauce.


6. Mango Habanero

Mango Habanero was exactly what we wanted out of a unique spicy sauce. It had the heat that rightfully earned it a place in the "hot" category, but the unique flavor of a habanero was definitely apparent. Plus, the addition of mango added an interesting taste that cut through the heat a bit, making it bearable to actually eat a plate of these wings (though you should probably go slowly).


5. Lemon Pepper (Dry Rub)

For whatever reason, lemon and pepper are a match made in heaven when it comes to dry seasoning for wings,  and that's especially true at BWW. These wings are boldly peppery, for a nice kick, paired with tart and citrusy lemon for brightness that makes every bite a delight. They're not hot, per say, but they're anything but bland.


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4. Hot

Hot is advertised as a classic wing sauce, and we have to say we agree. It packs that classic buffalo flavor that we crave out of a plate of wings, and it's just hot enough that you can pat yourself on the back for eating it. And luckily, you'll live to tell you ate it!

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3. Honey BBQ

Honey BBQ is a beloved BWW flavor, so we had to put it near the top of our list. It's reliable and always yummy, making it easy to put away multiple plates of these delicious wings. It's a perfect balance of sweet with just a tiny bit of heat under the surface. If you want something you know you'll love, always go for Honey BBQ.


2. Thai Curry

We have no complaints about Thai Curry. The sauce is creamy and definitely has a lot of flavors going on, but they're all balanced perfectly to create a really enjoyable experience as you nom on your wings. And they aren'too spicy, so you're not constantly reaching for your water after every bite.


1. Mild

And coming in first as our all-time favorite BWW sauce—Mild! Maybe it's because we're babies who can't handle the heat, but we genuinely enjoyed everything about this sauce. In our opinion, it was slightly spicier than what you might expect from a mild sauce, and it has a creamy texture with a perfect dose of that oh-so-important buffalo flavor we were craving.


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