10 Things You'll Relate to If You've Ever Been to a Buffet

Whether we want to admit it or not, we've all been to a buffet at some point—and heck, we probably definitely liked it.

With endless portions of every single appetizer, main dish, side and dessert we can think of, what's not to love?

Because none of us are strangers to this gluttonous type of establishment, here are 10 things you'll relate to if you've ever been to a buffet.

1. It May Be a Bit Unsanitary, But That Doesn't Faze You

Serving spoons touched by all sorts of people, tongs that have made its way to many-a-plate—buffets bring out the crowds, and you never know whose germs you may encounter. But, have you ever given it a second thought? Of course not. You're just hungry, so bring on the food!

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2. You've Never Felt Your Stomach Expand to This Extent

You go into your buffet experience on an empty stomach, so when it's finally time to dive in, you go head-first. You scarf down the first plate and are on to serving No. 2 without realizing it. Next thing you know, you're picking at plate No. 4, doing your best not to waste. But, at this point, you may need a stretcher because you can't move. You'll definitely be a different pant size by the time you get home.


3. You Shun People Who Talk Down on Your Buffet Plans

Anyone who doesn't want to join in on your fine dining experience is just a hater. We all know they want to partake, and they're probably jealous just thinking about the endless brownies, clam chowder and mashed potatoes you're about to consume. They want to seem all prim and proper by avoiding this opportunity, but it's obviously their loss. Let them pay $15 for a salad somewhere, while you can have seven servings of that very salad for just about the same price.

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4. It's Hard to Choose, But One Establishment Stands Above the Rest

Whether it's Souplantation for the array of creamy soups, pasta and signature salads; Sizzler for its endless supply of salad ingredients, Hometown Buffet or Golden Corral for literally every consumable item under the sun; or your fave local Chinese buffet that features every item you've ever seen on any Chinese restaurant menu—you definitely have a buffet that surpasses the rest. While many have similarities, each has its own unique touch, and there's one you're drawn to more than the others.


5. You Discover People's Eating Habits

People enter buffets simply as customers who share a line—but they leave learning so much about each other (without saying a word!). We've seen everything from a person filling up an entire plate of only peas and olives (this was at Souplantation), to a person who took on three piled-high plates at once as if the food was running off (this was at Sizzler). With so many dishes and cuisines to choose from, you just never know where diners' eating habits will take them.

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6. Buffets That Come With a Free Drink Are the True Jackpot

We've never understood the buffets that give you all the fixins for one standard price, yet still manage to charge you for a drink when you get to the pay stand. Guess all those $1.50 unlimited ice tea charges add up after a while. The establishment has to make its money back somehow!


7. If There's No Soft Serve, Does It Even Count?

While we sure love a good, buttery mashed potato, nothing compares to a soft serve stand, amirite? No matter how full we are after our five heaping plates of who knows what, there'always room for dessert—and not just any dessert. The creamy goodness of vanilla and chocolate soft serve ice cream (with toppings galore to boot) can make even a mediocre buffet top-notch.

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8. Someone in Your Family Has Definitely Snuck Some 'to-go' Items in Their Bag

We're always taught not to waste, so what's the harm in slipping some buffet leftovers into our bag before we head out? You or one of your parents has definitely wrapped up some baked goods for later, or packed up a baked potato for tomorrow's lunch. It's okay, your secret's safe.


9. You've Battled Someone to Get the Last of Something

There are no worse words heard at a buffet than, "We'll have a fresh tray out in 10 minutes." Sure, the fresh serving sounds delightful, but you want that cheesy (and probably cold at this point), last piece of lasagna now! And the stupid lady standing next to you in line snagged it just as you were about to dive in. Oh, if looks could kill…

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10. You Leave Swearing You'll Never Eat Again, Only to Crave the Buffet an Hour Later

Once you've requested your imaginary stretcher to haul you out of your misery (see No. 2), and you've unbuttoned your pants, the very last thing on your mind is eating again. Just the very thought of even a light piece of kale makes you cringe. You tell all your family members this is your last meal for a week… only to peruse your fridge an hour later to make a sandwich… because you're starving again.


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