Limited-Edition Churro Flavor Bugles Have Arrived, So Prepare Your Fingers

We'll try most foods with cinnamon, and Churro flavor Bugles are no exception.

The sweet and salty snack has arrived at 7-Eleven for a limited time, according to Popsugar, and people are already taking advantage of the opportunity to try a new twist on a classic snack.

The Bugles made an appearance on the blog and its Instagram account last week.

In its review, the site noted what a cool idea it was to bring together two popular food items, and then described the Churro flavor Bugles as having "a nice dusting of cinnamon [and] sugar."

"The more I ate, the more I started noticing the little things (like the salt) that made me wish I was eating a more savory or a sweeter Bugles flavor as opposed to this Churro-Corn hybrid that sits right in the middle," the review says. "Maybe a touch more sugar would have gotten them over that hump."

Even if they're best in moderation, they still sound like a must-try food for churro-lovers. It's not every day your favorite dessert gets Bugle-fied. And at the very least, you'll have fun putting them on your fingers.


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