#BUILTBYGIRLS Rebuilds Site With Girls Who Code Alumni!

Earlier this year, Cambio decided to do a major overhaul. The result was #BUILTBYGIRLS, in which they recruited 5 Girls Who Code alumni to rebuild the Cambio site, transforming it into a site for girls, by girls!girls who code builtbygirls

In the summer of 2014, teens Nikki, Natasha, Roxy, Michelle and Lily, all Girls Who Code grads, were asked by Cambio to redesign their site.

Together, the team worked to create a website that could inspire girls to be who they want to be, and let them know that if they dream it, they can build it.

The result was a great new site with lots of new features, including the inspiration celebrity meme generator, or Celebspiration, which allows fans to pick a celeb and one of their inspirational quotes and transform it into their own inspirational memes!

Over the course of the program, the crew not only reimagined the site but also got to interview celebrities and meet some incredible people!

Best of all, they spread the message that you don't have to be an adult or a man to be into tech and really make a difference in the world!

Learn all about #BUILTBYGIRLS in the video below and tell us about your own experiences with coding and tech in our community at Sweety High!