13 Powerful Quotes From "Bullied Kids Speak Out"

Author Jodee Blanco has stood up to bullying for more than a decade, and her new book Bullied Kids Speak Out tells the firsthand accounts of teens who have suffered at the hands of bullies. There are many poignant and powerful stories within the book, and we've picked some of our favorite words of advice, acceptance and empowerment from the book that we hope will inspire you, too.

Bullied Kids Speak Out - Jodee Blanco - Empowerment quotes

1. "I think it's more important to like yourself than to have others think you're cool." – Taylor

2. "I know I could have tried to look more like everybody else, but it made me mad that I had to be less than who I was to be accepted." – Cameron

3. "If you're having a hard time like me, don't assume the school can't help … If your principal wants to help you deal, don't automatically blow him off. Try trusting him. It really does work sometimes." – Joshua

4. "I knew I'd always be different, but just because you're different shouldn't mean you can't feel normal." – Autumn

5. "The thing about high school, and you probably know this already, is that once you're branded 'the outcast', you're stuck with it. Makeovers are for reality shows, not real life." – Aaron

6. "My journal isn't something I do; it's a place I go when this place hurts too much." – Joshua

7. "I'll always be grateful to the principal for teaching me that having compassion for the bully, and trying to find out what's wrong, is more important than punishment." – Taylor

8. "Maybe if I hadn't gone through what I did, I wouldn't be as strong and determined. I definitely grew up. If you're going through something bad, stay strong, too. There are going to be moments when you want to give up, when you don't have faith in anyone or anything and you feel like you're dying one piece at a time. Scoop up the pieces and hold them together. Don't let yourself fall a part. You're braver than you think. You're not alone. You have all of us now and we believe in you." – Tiffany

9. "I know now school will never be perfect, and that in life, not everyone will like you. Some people just suck, period." – Zach

10. "Mrs. Baylor said being the new student is never easy, especially if you're starting at a school where the other kids have known each other since kindergarten. She also said that when a person is different, kids can be mean, not because they don't like you, but because they're afraid." – Autumn

11. "I didn't realize until right now how strong I am. You're stronger than you think too. Hang in there, okay?" – Aamina

12. "If you're the one being bullied, I know it sucks, but you don't have to invent a new you to make friends. You don't have to change schools either. Find something not connected to school that you can join where you'll meet new people." – Aaron

13. "I don't care what anyone says. You gotta stand up to bullies. Never ignore a bully." – Hunter

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