THIS Museum Is a Bunny-Lover's Dream Come True

Here at Sweety High, we're constantly seeking out opportunities to explore new and peculiar places.

Recently, we rounded up a bucket list of quirky museums we'd like to visit on our next road trip, and, coincidentally, stumbled across one that happens to be located in our own backyard, Pasadena, California.

Bunny Museum House

It's called The Bunny Museum, and it's the private home of Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski, but also is a world record-holding "living" museum dedicated to, you guessed it, bunnies.

Want to know how this museum began, what items lie inside and meet the bunnies who actually reside in this museum? Then hop on down below and see what happened when I took a visit.

Entering the Bunny Museum

I knew from the moment I stepped on The Bunny Museum's premises, it was going to be a spectacle.

The outside of the home is completely adorned in all things rabbits. Decorative rabbit stakes, rabbit plant holders, and even one massive ivy rabbit structure. A real sight to see.

After several pictures and a Snap or two in front of the house, I figured it was time to venture inside. I knocked on the decked out bunny-centric front door and was greeted by the co-founder of the museum, Candace Frazee.

I extended my hand for a shake, but was halted to a stop by Candace. "Handshakes are strictly prohibited," she said. "A bunny bump is the only way to greet one another."

As I stood there confused, Candace explained and demonstrated her quirky and adorably-themed greeting.

She raised two fingers to create bunny ears, told me to do the same, transformed her hand into a fist and then motioned for me to give her a gentle bump.

And with that little bunny bump, I was welcomed inside.

Entering the Bunny Museum

The History Behind This Hoppy Place

Candace began the tour of her home by first showing us the item that started her bunny collection: this ultra cute plush.

First bunny in the Bunny Museum

Candace explained that it was given to her by her husband Steve 23 years ago on Valentine's Day. He chose to give her a stuffed bunny because they had nicknamed each other Honey Bunny.

Candace decided she would make this gift idea a theme, and months later, on Easter, she gave him the porcelain rabbit pictured next to the plush.

23 years after those first presents were given, and the bunny gift-giving exchange is a tradition they still keep. Now, they have more than 33,000 bunny objects and a Guinness World Record that proves they have the most rabbit-related items in the world.

My Personal Highlights

Besides having a slew of bunny stuffed animals, figurines, furniture, books and games, Candace and Steven actually have had their share of real live bunnies—22 total.

Four currently reside in the home, and I had the pleasure of meeting and feeding them all.

Although Jumper, Darcy and Bandit were all extremely adorable (and extremely hungry), I took a liking to the largest of the pack, Jessica Doecent, the Flemish Giant. 

Jessica is a whopping 22 pounds and is three-and-a-half feet long when stretched out.

She was a total fan of mine… after I fed her some leafy greens, of course.

Meeting and feeding the bunnies at the Bunny Museum

After spending some time with the bunnies, I finally began to explore the museum to see everything it offered.

A few of my favorite sights to see were Candace and Steve's vast collection of bunny-centric salt and pepper shakers.

Salt and Pepper bunny shakers

Their section of what they like to call "pretender bunnies," aka, people or characters dressed to look like rabbits. Sneaky, sneaky.

Imposter bunnies at the Bunny Museum

Their TV room was filled to the brim with plush bunnies in all shapes and sizes. Amazing.

Bunny media room

In their kitchen, they let each guest who visits make their mark on the museum by drawing their very own bunny on the cabinets.

Drawing in the kitchen at the Bunny Museum

I ended the tour by taking a peek at the museum's backyard, which features even more amazing bunny landscape and a few antique bunny floats from the Rose Parade.

Outside bunny float

The last thing I did before saying bye to Candace and my new bunny friends was venture down the too-cute-for-words bunny trail laid out in gravel. It's safe to say, I had a great time.

Hopping down the bunny trail

If you ever find yourself in Southern California, I highly recommend you make a pit stop at The Bunny Museum. You'll be amazed by the vast collection of objects and you might even walk away with some new, very cute, hoppy friends.


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