Clever Instagram Captions for Pics of Your Pet Bunny Rabbits

Cuddly, bouncing bunny rabbits make very special pets, and we happen to think they're totally underrated.

If you have bunnies as pets, you know exactly how unique and wonderful they truly are. In fact, it's about time you shared the love. Keep scrolling for our favorite adorable captions you can use on your Insta pics of your pet bunnies.

For the pic of your multiple bunnies you can never manage to corral together:

"The man who chases two rabbits catches neither."



(via Unsplash)


For when your rabbit's coat is looking shiny and new:

"Good hare day."


For that pic of your bunny nibbling on a carrot as a treat:

"Eh, what's up, Doc?"

-Bugs Bunny


For when your rabbit makes a strangely human-like expression:

"Rabbits… are like human beings in many ways."

-Richard Adams, Watership Down


For that hilarious picture of your pet's ridiculously long ears:

"We're all ears."


(via Unsplash)


For that pic of you surrounded by happy, hopping bunnies:

"We all lived hoppily ever after."


For when your bunny plops down for an after-meal nap:

"It is said that the effect of eating too much lettuce is 'soporific.' "

―Beatrix Potter, The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies


For that pic of your pet rabbit being extra clever:

"Why is the rabbit unafraid? Because he's smarter than the panther."

-Charles Morse, The Edge


(via Unsplash)


For when you're being dramatic about your bunny snuggling up with someone who's not you:

"Now you're just some bunny that I used to know."


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