Never Let Your Phone Die Ever Again With the Help of These Adorable Phone Chargers

When your phone's battery dies unexpectedly, it's easy to feel stranded.

But with a super cute clip-on power bank at your side, you don't have to worry about getting totally disconnected from the world—and no one makes them cuter than Buqu.

Buqu phone power banks: watermelon and creamsicle

Each one of their power banks is sturdy and portable with a clip that makes it easy to clasp onto your purse or backpack, and they hold enough juice to get your phone all the way back to 100% battery. Best of all, they're totally eye-catching. How can anyone resist this creamsicle?

Buqu creamsicle power bank

Before you head out to for your big day, remember to charge your power banks. Know that you'll have to be patient because charging the bank will take a while longer than your actual phone. Each one has four little lights that will show you the progress of your charge. Just one blinking light means it's running on empty, while four means it's totally charged and ready to go.

Buqu watermelon phone bank

Most of the chargers also have a button that you can press to see how much energy you have left in the power bank as well. The watermelon charger also has a cute flap to protect its USB port.

Buqu watermelon phone bank opening for slot

If pom poms are more your style, they also have a power pom pom. After carrying this fuzzball around, you'll never be able to go back to the non-charging ones!

Buqu pom pom power bank

Last but not least, the pineapple is the most heavy-duty of the chargers we tested, with a battery capacity about 50% larger than the other three. We can honestly say that our Comic-Con experience would have been a disaster if it weren't for this mighty power bank.

Buqu pineapple power bank

The one downside is that you still have to carry around your own charging cable to connect your phone to these banks. Still, that's a tiny inconvenience when you can more than double the life of your phone.

Want your own? The Piña, Melo, Pops and Power Poof banks each retail for $19.99 on Buqu's website.


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