We're Totally Baffled By Japan's Latest Food Trend—So We Tried It Ourselves

Japan's weirdest new food trend involves topping your McDonald's drink straw with a hamburger.

Why do it in the first place? We have no idea, but we gave it a try ourselves to try to figure it out.

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How is it done? All you have to do is poke the straw through the top of the hamburger before placing the straw inside your drink. You may be tempted to put the straw in your drink first and poke it up through the bottom of your burger, but the result is messy, to say the least.

Japanese burger drink trend

Of course, poking the straw through the burger means a tiny chunk of the burger gets stuck in the straw, which is pretty gross! You can either slurp it up with the drink (we promise we won't judge) or blow through the straw to push it out before taking a sip.

Japanese burger drink trend

So what are the benefits of this trend? We guess it technically frees your hands so you can take bites out of the burger, but doing so feels clumsy and looks just plain weird.

Plus, once you've eaten a ring about your burger, it looks pretty unappealing and you can't really eat more of it without removing it from the straw. We're guessing its popularity comes from its aesthetic and nothing more.

Would we recommend it? Maybe if you want to take some weird pics for your Insta. Otherwise, it might be best to give this trend a pass.


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