11 Items Every Burrito-Obsessed Girl Needs In Their Life

Let's admit it, burritos are perfect in every way. Big or small and wrapped full of deliciousness, it's safe to say they're our major obsession. Here are 13 magical things every burrito lover needed in their life yesterday?.

1. These teeny tiny burrito earrings: $25.00



2. And (obvi) the matching necklace, too: $15.00



3. This phone case that looks good enough to eat: $36.95



4. This adorable mug (burrito ALWAYS beats taco): $18.95



5. This awesome space burrito pillow (extra yasss for the cat face): $19.01



6. This burrito pencil case that perfectly wraps all your pens: $23.90



7. This t-shirt fit for a burrito princess ♕: $17.00



8. This glorious scented burrito candle ?: $10.99



9. This sweatshirt that combines our love for burritos AND Harry Potter: $29.75



10. These comfy, cozy burrito socks: $3.00



11. And we saved the best for last…these totally rad burrito nail tattoos: $6.00



BRB, now we need to go get ourselves like a million burritos. In the meantime, you can drool over some pizza and donut items that you'll be just as (if not more) obsessed with!