Show Off Your Butter Board With One of These Instagram Captions

We've all heard of cheese boards, meat boards and even candy boards, but the latest one to go viral is… butter?

Yep, you heard that right! Butter boards have taken over the internet, and honestly, we're not mad about it. Grab your favorite luxe butter, spread it out and add all of your favorite toppings and enhancements. Just use one of these Instagram captions to show off your butter board.

For when you're going ham on the butter:

"Want some bread with that butter?"


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For when butter is your favorite food group:

"I couldn't have asked for a butter snack."



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For when you're proud of your creation:

"Butter boards are life."



For when your butter pairings are delish:

"We're butter together."



For when someone is trying to eat off your butter board before you've taken a pic:

"You butter back off."



For when you spread the butter perfectly:

"Check out this spread."



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For when you and your bestie are enjoying your work:

"You're my butter half."



For when you're in love with butter:

"There's no one butter than you."



For when butter boards have your heart:

"Move over, charcuterie. Butter boards are taking over."


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For when you're eating the butter by itself:

"What goes good with butter? More butter."



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For when you're stuffing your face with butter:

"Is butter a carb?"

-Regina George in Mean Girls


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