Images From Austin & Ally Season 4's Buzzcuts & Beginnings!

We absolutely can't wait for the 4th season of Austin & Ally to premiere on the Disney Channel on January 18! Released stills tease the first episode, "Buzzcuts and Beginnings"!austin & ally dez and austin buzzcuts and beginnings

In the upcoming episode, Austin, Ally, Dez and Trish reunite at Ally's homecoming show! Knowing that the friends only have limited time together, Austin considers going off to military school!

The images from "Buzzcuts and Beginnings" reveal scenes we can't wait to see!

We'll get to see the gang in their familiar hangouts, with awkward reunion hugs!austin & ally hug buzzcuts and beginnings

Trish can't seem to stop texting!zinga juice austin and ally buzzcuts and beginnings

Ally and Trish share BFF moments!austin and ally raini and laura buzzcuts and beginnings

Dez believes Austin is getting his signature blond hair sheared!austin and ally haircut buzzcuts and beginnings

But it's a false alarm!austin and ally hair buzzcuts and beginnings

In other news, fans have been pushing for an Austin & Ally movie! Raini Rodriguez RTed a fan Tweet in support of the idea, and Calum Worthy weighted in saying "Wowza! A lot of people are trying to trend #AustinAndAllyTheMovie! That's crazy cool!"

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