This Adorable By Robynblair + Mini Melanie Cookie Collab Is Edible Artwork

What's better than a gift box full of delicious cookies and that's also preposterously cute?

Candy artist By Robynblair recently teamed up with the ingenious creators at Mini Melanie bakery in New York City to form the By Robynblair x Mini Melanie Candy Cookie Box, and the results are out of this world. When I was offered the opportunity to peek inside the box myself and taste what these brands had to offer, I jumped at it. Keep reading to find out what I discovered.

The Box

The By Robynblair x Mini Melanie Candy Cookie Box is the perfect fusion of creativity and taste, combining the artistry of By Robynblair with the tastes of renowned NYC bakery Mini Melanie. The box includes eight handmade sugar cookies, freshly iced and decorated to resemble classic candy treats and sells for $68.

By Robynblair Mini Melanie Candy Cookie Box

(via By Robynblair)


Digging In

This cookie box truly is a sight to behold, with an inviting pink package resembling a box of candy. It contains eight sugar cookies in total, modeled after green gummy bears, lollipops, wrapped candies and vintage chocolate bars, with elaborate icing decorations to complete the look. When I shared some with my family, they asked me if they'd completely lost track of time and Easter had rolled around thanks to the bright colors and patterns on show in this box.

By Robynblair Mini Melanie Candy Cookie Box packaging

(via By Robynblair)

But how do they taste? I started with one of the small wrapped candy cookies and found the sugar cookie to have a sweet, buttery flavor almost like shortbread. The icing had a powdered sugar sweetness that complemented it well, and though the cookie was sturdier than I typically like, requiring a bit of hard pressure to bite through, that didn't deter me from gobbling down the whole thing. If you also like your sugar cookies on the softer side, I recommend dunking your bites in coffee or hot tea. Not only does this soften them up, but the resulting flavor is delicious.

Further exploration of the box revealed that the gummy bear and lollipop cookies had the same flavorings, just in different shapes and sizes. However, the chocolate bar cookie was a different beast altogether. Not only did it have a bright chocolate flavor that quickly differentiated it from the rest, but it also seemed to have a softer texture. Of course, this made it my favorite by far (and these also become the first to fully disappear from the box). At least the limited flavors also meant there were no duds to be found within this box.

By Robynblair Mini Melanie Candy Cookie Box wrapped candy, gummy bear, lollipop and chocolate bar cookies

(via By Robynblair)


Bottom Line

If you love the aesthetic of this box, or know someone who'll squeal with joy upon opening, chances are that it's for you. The cookies inside are delicious, and it's clear that care and attention goes into every handmade cookie in the box. If you dislike sugar cookies or ones with lots of icing, you might not love them, but at least you'll appreciate the way they look.

Of course, price will also be a big factor in regards to whether this box is right for you. Broken down in terms of just the cookies themselves, the $68 price tag comes down to $8.50 per cookie, with a couple of the cookies being quite small. Really, you're paying for the whole package, including the efforts of both wonderful collaborators, and whether that's worth it will be fully up to you.


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