Get to Know Chicken Girls Actor Caden Conrique Better Than Ever

Chicken Girls cast member, actor and dancer Caden Conrique has impressed us time after time on the show.

That's why you need to get to know him better than ever below!

#MCM Caden Conrique

(Photo credit: Nikki Parimor)

Name: Caden Conrique

Hometown: Gilroy, California

Birthday: June 11

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Fun Facts:

1. If he could go anywhere in the world for a week, he would go to Hawaii.

"I think the weather is amazing from what I have seen and heard."

–Caden Conrique

2. His most-worn accessory at the moment is his gold necklace.

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3. He could never live without Cheetohs.

"I even named my dog after my fave snack."

–Caden Conrique

4. Supreme is his main brand. He loves anything from their collection.

5. He relates to Luke from Disney Channel'Jessie on a deep level.

"He had a bunch of siblings and he was kind of the trouble maker."

–Caden Conrique

6. His sisters Dylan and Taylor totally get on his nerves, but he loves them anyway.

"They're always bossing me around."

–Caden Conrique

7. He's completely obsessed with his hair and not afraid to admit it.


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