Discover the Magic Behind Every Disney Fanatics Fave Clothing Brand

Every Disney-lover out there knows about Cakeworthy, the whimsical Disney-inspired clothing line worn by just about everyone who visits a Disney Park.

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We've been obsessed with this brand for as long as we can remember, but we've always wondered how they came up with their magical designs.

To learn this answer, and a few more, we reached out to founder Bandon Shedden to get the lowdown on all things Cakeworthy.

Whether you regularly sport this brand or have never heard of it until now, take this time to discover every last detail about this enchanting brand.

Sweety High: How did Cakeworthy come to be?

Brandon Shedden: Cakeworthy actually started as an Etsy shop. I was screen printing T-shirts out of a spare bedroom and selling them for some extra spending money. I wanted to make shirts with pop culture flare that you couldn't really find in stores at that time.

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SH: What's the most difficult part about coming up with your designs? What's the process behind choosing the designs that make it and the ones that don't?

BS: We never want to release something we're not 110% in love with just for the purposes of having another product available for sale. The manufacturing process can be lengthy, so planning ahead is essential. With that, there is looming pressure to be creative and inspired when you may not necessarily feel that way in the moment. In the same breath, coming up with designs is one of the most exciting parts of being in the fashion industry. Seeing people react to your designs is one of the most amazing feelings as a creative person.

As for choosing which designs make the cut, it kind of ties back into the idea of being 110% in love with what we're making, as well as what we believe our fans are going to be excited about.

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SH: Do you have a favorite piece of clothing or an accessory from Cakeworthy that you've released? What's your most popular item to date?

BS: Our Pineapple Whip Purse that's coming out later this month is my absolute favorite. We've really pushed out creative boundaries with this purse and I can't wait to get it out there.

The most popular Cakeworthy item would have to be the Sorcerer's Beanie. It was actually used in a stage show at Disney's Hollywood Studios, which was super cool for us!

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SH: What do you hope those who support Cakeworthy take away from wearing your merchandise?

BS: Our biggest hope is that our customers have fun wearing our products. We try to create unique clothing and accessories that puts a fun spin on your day-to-day wardrobe that you can't necessarily get from the typical brick and mortar stores you'd find in a mall.

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SH: Do you have a notable story behind anyone who has purchased something from Cakeworthy?

BS: The first thing that comes to mind is a bride who purchases flannels for her bridal party as a gift to wear in some of their group photos. It was really cool to know someone loved our products enough to include them in their special day.

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SH: What can we expect from Cakeworthy in the future?

BS: Our Pineapple Whip Purse, which I mentioned above, is our next big release that we're super excited about. We will also be making a special announcement about the future of Cakeworthy at this year's D23 expo.


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