California Cowboy's La Sirena Robe Is Designed to Transform Your Poolside Hangouts

With summer rapidly approaching and some things starting to open up and go slightly back to normal, it's time to start thinking about cool summer style, and we couldn't be happier about that.

We've been daydreaming about hanging poolside and lounging on towels at the beach, and as visions of sleek bathing suits dance before our eyes, we're also thinking about cute cover-ups and other accessories to complete the look.

When I was contacted by a company called California Cowboy, I didn't expect to fall in love with their offerings, but I was quickly surprised. Their La Sirena Robe in particular was so different from other robes I'd seen, and I was delighted when they agreed to send me one to test for myself. Here's what I found out next.

The Brand

California Cowboy is a brand centered around bold styles that speak on behalf of the wearer, letting folks know exactly who you are before you've ever opened your mouth. Their women's La Sirena Robe is a great example of this, coming in six unique styles and shades that are sure to turn heads, and with all kinds of hidden features you probably wouldn't notice upon first glance. Similar robes are also available in men's sizes.

My favorite design of the six—and the one I was sent—was the Garibaldi fish pattern in farallon navy. It features vibrant orange Garibaldi (the official state fish of California) swimming among sweeping kelp fronds against a deep navy backdrop, with all of the pops of color that entails. The outer shell fabric is made from cotton and Tencel, while the soft inner lining is made with a blend of cotton and modal. This robe is currently on sale for $118.99 and normally retails for $148.

California Cowboy La Sirena image

(via California Cowboy)


The Robe

I was very excited to try on my La Sirena robe as soon as it arrived, and immediately, I was thrilled to have it on. The pattern on the outside had such vibrant and exciting colors, without looking obnoxious, and the terry cloth interior was soft to the touch, making it super comfy against my skin while still being breathable.

California Cowboy La Sirena robe

(via California Cowboy)

I opted for the small/extra small size, and was  very happy with the fit. With the tie at the waist, there's plenty of wiggle room there if you need it. At 5'2″ I'm also not super tall, and while the robe is designed to come to mid-thigh, on me, it essentially reaches to the knee. I don't mind the extra coverage, though I can't speak to how it might fit on taller wearers. In addition to the outside belt, there's also an inner tie to keep the robe extra secure when needed.

But my favorite surprise with the robe was all of the hidden extras. There's a sunglasses loop at the chest, so you don't have to hold on to your sunnies when you take them off, and in addition to two side pockets, there's also a "dry pocket" on the right side with a secure zipper that will protect your phone from getting wet, as well as a bottle pocket in the back. This bottle pocket also comes with a bottle koozie, a bottle opener and a pack of conversation cards to get your party started.

California Cowboy La Sirena media pocket

(via California Cowboy)

Best of all, this robe is super versatile. I've used it right out of the tub as a stylish bathrobe, which worked great with its absorbent inner lining, but it's also comfy enough to wear for lounging around the house—and it looks amazing, so I feel confident and sassy with it on. I haven't yet had the chance to wear it with a bathing suit outdoors, but when the time comes, I know I'll feel great doing so.



Bottom Line

California Cowboy's La Sirena Robe is everything you could ask for in a stylish robe that works for both indoor and outdoor hangouts, and it's comfy enough to wear on the couch while its unique features make it perfect for socializing. It's definitely a premium article of clothing, and for $148 at full price, you'd hope so! I'm super pleased with mine, and I think anyone would be happy to receive one as a gift.

California Cowboy La Sirena robe pocket

(via California Cowboy)


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