Call It Whatever Music Video With Bella Thorne!

Bella Thorne's music video for "Call It Whatever" is an awesome 50s throwback that perfectly matches the vibrant and upbeat track!Call It Whatever Bella Thorne music video

In the video, Bella Thorne is a waitress in a retro diner. She's chatting with a few of her friends at the counter when a cute customer, played by Garrison Lambert, and a couple of his friends take a seat at a booth.

Bella's friends urge her to talk to him, and before long she and the boy hit it off and are dancing across the diner!

We love the video's pastel colors and all of Bella's fantastic wardrobe changes throughout the video!

Our favorite part of the video is the very end! You'll have to watch to see the video's hilarious finale!

Watch below and tell us what you think of the new video for "Call It Whatever"! And if you're a Bellarina, be sure to join us at!