Calling All Harry Potter Fans: Take a Peak Into the Magical World of Pottermore!

With the books and movies finished, it would seem like Harry Potter fans have nothing else to look forward to.  But if you're one of those fans, don't worry!  The new interactive website Pottermore is coming out in October and it's going to be magical!

To get early access to the site, you can go on Pottermore now and try to locate The Magical Quill.  This quill is what writes down the names of all magical children so that they can be sent letters to Hogwarts when they turn 11.

We are so excited we get another chance to relive everything we love about Harry Potter from Hogwarts Express to Privet Drive to Christmas at Hogwarts, and so much more.

Apparently the site sorts you with a sorting house when you sign up! We wonder what house Sweety High will be put into! Can't wait to find out in October!