Callista Clark's 'Gave It Back Broken' Is the Ultimate Anthem for the Brokenhearted

Is there anything better than a soaring, emotional breakup song to get you through your own heartbreak?

We don't think so—and Callista Clark's latest single "Gave It Back Broken," which was released earlier this month, is a country breakup anthem for the ages. The soulful ballad is about the pain of being hurt by the person you love most, and with Callista's powerful vocals, it feels like an instant classic. We can't get enough—and we got the chance to ask Callista all about the song and its lyrics to learn what they truly mean to her.

The Story Behind 'Gave It Back Broken'

Callista Clark: I wrote "Gave it Back Broken" as a way to process the emotions that I was going through at the time. I was talking to my co-writer, Emily Shackelton about how hard going through a breakup is because you lose your best friend. The person you trusted the most is the one who shatters your heart. When we started writing it, it was a very sad, slow piano ballad. By the time we finished the song, it was equally vulnerable and strong lyrically. The finished song also has a full orchestra on it, which is a first for me.


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What 'Gave It Back Broken' Means

CC: This song started off as a place of vulnerability for me and a way to process heartbreak. Now when I sing "Gave It Back Broken" it brings me joy and makes me feel so strong. I hope it does the same for everyone else that hears it. Every time I sing this song it is my favorite moment in my shows because it's my chance to let loose and sing.


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Callista's Favorite Lyric

CC: My favorite lyric from "Gave It Back Broken" is definitely, "Don't you feel sad losing the best thing you'll ever have?" I feel like it is the most confident lyric I have ever written, and every time I sing it I see people in the audience nodding their heads to that line. It is always my favorite moment.


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