Calum Worthy: Snack Artist on Coppertop Flop Show!

In the latest episode of Calum Worthy's The Coppertop Flop Show, Calum brings out his inner artistic side in a piece called The Snack Artist.Calum Worthy

The Austin & Ally star takes on a new persona as a snack artist, or "snartist," named Jeffreyg, complete with a bright orange mustache!

"Some artists paint landscapes. Some paint little ponies. I paint snacks," Jeffreyg explains before showing off his childish paintings of pizza, chips and guacamole, an apple, sliders and cheese and crackers!

We love the way these episodes show off Calum's unique sense of humor. Be sure to check out our interview with him on the set of Austin & Ally's third season, and join us at Sweety High here!