Calum Worthy Supports Elon Musk's TEN9!

Calum Worthy is all about sustainable transportation! Last week, he took to Twitter, supporting Elon Musk's #TEN9 initiative to get a billion people using sustainable transportation by 2025!ten9

What is #TEN9? 10 to the ninth power is 1 billion! It's also the deadline for reaching a billion people on October 9, 2025!

"I just came across this super awesome thing called #TEN9" Calum Tweeted. "[T]he goal is 1 billion people using sustainable transportation by 2025. I love it!"

We've all got 10 years to make that goal a reality. By that time, you'll all be driving age. Maybe you'll be in an electric car as one of the 1 billion!

Elon Musk is the businessman and inventor behind Tesla electric cars, and the mind behind #TEN9. Calum asked his fans to get #TEN9 trending, and joked that if they did, he'd have a chip and guacamole party with his fans. He even extended the invitation to Elon Musk!

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