Tegan Marie Delivers a Powerful Cover of Cam's 'Mayday'

Tegan Marie, one of our fave country singers, is no stranger to delivering incredibly moving and emotional covers of some of the best country songs. But her rendition of Cam's "Mayday" will leave you breathless!

Tegan gushed over Cam to Sweety High, and revealed the reason she decided to cover this song in particular.

"Cam is definitely one of my inspirations," Tegan said. "I'm obsessed with her album Untamed, especially her song 'Mayday.' Of course I had to cover it!"

We love "Mayday," too and we're so glad Tegan blessed us with her take on the country hit.


Hold up, have you seen her LeAnn Rimes cover yet? Listen to Tegan's emotional rendition of"Blue" HERE.