Cambio: The Much Needed "Change" for AOL

The Highly Speculated Cambio is launching live to the web tomorrow. AOL. MGX, and the people behind the Jonas Group have come together to build a media site that is said to be a much needed supplement to the "waning influence" of creative outlets that kids once looked to for entertainment.

"We were acutely aware, early on, that things were suffering [in traditional media]" Kevin Jonas Sr. said,"Having the ability to reach your audience yourself — and the ability for the artists and entertainment company to interact directly with brands — was the future."

Up until this point, the people behind Cambio have been quite elusive as to what the actual site plans were, and it should be interesting to see behind the velvet ropes. What's been promised thus far is original web content with Teen Superstars such as the Jonas Brothers.  There will be a daily web show called "Cambio Connect" with Quddus Philippe, a former MTV host, set to be the face.

After its' separation from Time Warner last year, AOL has taken a turn for the somewhat-worse, and they are crossing their fingers that Cambio is the change they've been waiting for.