Camila Coelho Told Us All About Her Beauty Brand, Elaluz

Camila Coelho is not only a style icon, but she's also a guru when it comes to all things beauty.

She's the founder of Elaluz, a beauty brand that uses powerful formulas and ingredients, leaving you with radiant skin. We've tried Elaluz ourselves and can honestly say it's a great brand with super innovative products. We're big fans of the Overnight Facial Glow ($29)!

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Camila Coelho all about Elaluz, as well as some recent and upcoming launches we can expect from the brand! Continue below for the full interview.

Sweety High: Tell us about yourself and Elaluz!

Camila Coelho: I have been a beauty lover since I was a kid. It's always been a creative outlet and confidence builder for me, especially through my diagnosis with epilepsy and it still is that for me. I became a makeup artist after years of building my skills at home and began to grow a platform that way. 10+ years later, with the community I have now, it's amazing to have the resources and team to develop a brand that feels like it can give back what beauty has given me. That's why Elaluz focuses on light, positivity, warmth and conscious development. It's bringing inner beauty outward and of course, has a Brazilian flair that you see come to life in the ingredient portfolio and the curated product collection.

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SH: Tell us about the Brazilian Blush Body Brush with Elaluz Liquid Bronzer! What makes it so special?

CC: These two are a perfect pair. Literally—they were made for one another! The Brazilian Blur Body Brush ($25) is made of vegan, cruelty-free bristles that are super dense and really soft for this gliding, blending effect that makes body makeup look like second skin. Paired with the Liquid Bronzer ($32)—my favorite for body is the Superstar Shimmer shade—skin looks flawless with an inner glow that stays in place and plays well with clothing. It's transfer-proof! This duo is my ultimate glow secret weapon whenever I know I'll be photographed, too, and it makes you look like a goddess in photos!

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SH: Tell us about the Sun Riser Illuminating Face Primer! What are the benefits? How do you use it?

CC: I'm obsessed with this product. Putting this on looks like what drinking a gallon of water a day does for the skin. It's this instant sunshine effect that makes skin look super healthy and glowy. It has hyaluronic acid and jojoba for major hydration and our not-so-secret ingredient, camu camu. It's packed with vitamin C so it helps skin to look brighter and more radiant over time. It's technically a primer that you can blend into clean skin with fingers or a brush before makeup, but I am known to wear this on my no makeup days and even as a cream highlighter on top of my foundation. It just looks so good.

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SH: Tell us about the Sun Dose Self Tanning Facial Drops (releasing in May)! What's your favorite way to use this product?

CC: I have been so excited to start launching products in the tanning category and knew this was the place to start because The Sun Dose Drops have coconut water and camu camu (yes, it's that good, we put it in so much!). They are super concentrated and nourishing and are developed to mix into your moisturizer or serum. It's totally customizable (depending on how many drops you use), so you need just one application for your perfect tan. I usually mix about 6 drops into my nighttime moisturizer.


SH: If you had to choose one favorite product from the new launch, what would it be? Why?

CC: The Sun Dose Tanning Drops for sure. I've been waiting so long to launch this new category and the formula is so beautiful with a rich and natural-looking tan. They are a permanent part of my routine!


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SH: How should we use these products at events like Coachella?

CC: Coachella is the perrrfect event for products like these. With so much sun and the soft dessert glow, it's the best time to do your skin up to match the scene—both body and face! Prep your skin with the Sun Dose Drops to get a base color the night before, then use the Sun Riser Illuminating Primer ($29) to make your face shine. This product is honestly an amazing alternative for hot days where you want to wear less makeup in general but still look fresh. Then, swipe Liquid Bronzer over your body! It stays on nicely through the heat!

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SH: Anything else you'd like us to know?

CC: Layer and play! Elaluz products are made to be versatile, buildable and customizable. You can truly take your bronze look to the next level.


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