Camila Mendes Hilariously Showed Why She's Avoiding the Bushy Brow Trend

Camila Mendes rocks a bold brow, but she draws the line at the bushy brow trend. In her words, it makes her look "like a mad scientist."

The Riverdale star brought up her eyebrows in a recent Instagram story, as Teen Vogue points out.

She specifically mentioned the "bushy brow trend" and how she doesn't think it works for her. To make her case, she offered photographic evidence.

First, here's what her brows look like normally:

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They're bold, sculpted and lovely.

But here's how Camila's eyebrows looked when she tried the bushy brow trend:

Camila Mendes with bushy brows

(via Camila Mendes/Instagram)

Admittedly, they're a little out of control.

Given the actress'"like a mad scientist" comment in the photo, we don't expect to see her embracing the trend anytime soon. And why should she? What she's doing already works. In fact, as Camila told Refinery29 in May, her brows get a lot of attention.

"People always ask about my eyebrows," she said.

Eyebrows aren't always easy to manage, so if you find what works for you, don't be afraid to stick with it.


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