CAMILLA SERETTI Is the Luxe Jewelry Brand You Need to Know About

One of our favorite parts of creating a killer outfit is adding some amazing pieces of jewelry.

And while we'll use jewelry from any price point, there's just something about luxe options that can't be beaten—and one of our favorite luxury brands at the moment has to be CAMILLA SERETTI. With so many stunning pieces to choose from, it's hard to narrow it down to our favorites! Continue below to get a look at some of the most beautiful jewelry pieces from CAMILLA SERETTI.

Cristal Ring: $218

If you're looking for a silver ring with a touch of color, look no further than the Cristal Ring. Featuring a stunning emerald stone in an open ring adorned in rhinestones, this piece of jewelry will get you compliments left and right. It's elegant in style and will look good with any type of arm candy.

camilla seretti cristal ring



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Mekahel Rhinestone Chain Necklace: $435

Bold, statement necklaces are making a major comeback, and if you're looking to step up your jewelry game, we think you need the Mekahel Rhinestone Chain Necklace. With stunning rhinestones on a thick gold chain, this would look beautiful paired with a simple bodysuit or your favorite dress.

camilla seretti mekahel rhinestone chain necklace



Tawny Love Earrings: $225

There's nothing we love more than a gorgeous set of earrings, and these Tawny Love ones just might be the cutest ones we've ever seen! Styled in a gothic font, these "love" earrings are guaranteed to take any outfit to the next level. Whether you're rocking yoga pants or have a hot date, these earrings will step up any and every look.

camilla seretti tawny love earrings



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Monte Carlo Bangles, Champagne Gold: $425

If you watched season two of Bridgerton and want to steal Kate Sharma's adorable bangles, we're right there with you. We're loving these bangles not only because they remind us of the show, but also because of their sexy and sleek appearance. If we could get our hands on these, we'd definitely be wearing them any chance we got!

camilla seretti monte carlo bangles bracelets



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