How Camille Chulick's Struggles With PCOS Inspired Her Healing Skincare Brand, Averr Aglow

Camille Chulick dealt with cystic acne caused by PCOS for over 16 years,  following advice from dermatologists and trying every diet, exercise routine and skincare and formula on the market before she decided to truly take matters into her own hands.

She started crafting her own skincare in the kitchen, devising her own unique combinations of active ingredients, vitamins, minerals and oils to create products that actually worked to clear, cleanse and hydrate her skin, and thus, the one-of-a-kind skincare brand Averr Aglow was born. Today, tens of thousands of women turn to the brand day after day to solve their skin woes and reduce irritation while preventing future breakouts thanks to Camille's ingenious formulas, and we got the chance to chat with Camille to discover her story as an entrepreneur, and why Averr Aglow means so much more to her than simply skincare.

Name: Camille Chulick

IG handle: @averraglow

Hometown: St. Clair Shores, Michigan


1. Camille has had a lifelong passion for beauty.

"It started with me riding my bike up to CVS, buying lotions and potions of Wet n Wild, Covergirl and Clean & Clear. Because I had battled with breakouts, I was always trying new skincare in hopes it would clear up my face or new makeup to cover what breakouts I had. I have probably tried every foundation out there. Unfortunately, I had burned through product after product with minimal results for my skin. After researching breakouts, I tried different natural ingredients to help my skin. Upon digging into the ingredients, I found this whole new passion. This exploration showed me a new side of the beauty industry. I was excited to learn how clean, plant-based ingredients affected the skin and how I could improve my own complexion. After crafting batches in the kitchen, I realized the potential for so much creativity behind creating skincare products. I became excited about the nutritional value these ingredients contained, how they helped the skin, and where it was sourced. I knew I had to be part of this industry when I saw the changes in my skin and the results of others. I was excited that clean, plant-based formulas could be so life-changing."

-Camille Chulick

Camille Chulick averr aglow founder headshot

(Image courtesy of Camille Chulick)


2. Her struggles with cystic acne and PCOS were part of what inspired her to create Averr Aglow.

"Breakouts were an issue for me for over 16 years. I started breaking out when I was 13. It was a struggle for me through those years. I also dealt with PCOS through that time which is a big reason why I had issues with breakouts for so many years.

As a teenager, I had broken out in my T-zone with really oily skin, large-looking pores and tiny little white bumps where my face felt like sandpaper. In my early 20s, I started breaking out my cheeks. These breakouts were red, inflamed bumps that left painful scars behind. In my late 20s, I had painful cystic acne on my jawline. I also have PCOS, a hormonal disorder that can cause you to break out.

At this point, I had tried many products, clean diets, facials, exercise routines—you name it. There were slight changes, but I didn't have the dewy, smooth, clear skin I was after. I started researching hormones and the skin and how they are connected. Over the years of trying to figure out this issue, I realized that through my journey, I gained insight into how breakouts work. When I started digging into the research, I connected all the pieces of why we breakout. Since PCOS and my skin were such a struggle, I realized I needed to help other women with these issues. There is so much conflicting advice out there that once I understood the connection, I knew I needed to share it with others dealing with this issue."

Camille Chulick


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3. It's almost impossible for Camille to pick just one essential beauty product, but serums are some of her faves.

"Making me choose one is torture! Now that I understand how to support the skin, choosing just one is hard, but I love our Renewing Serum. It's nutrient-dense and leaves my skin dewy, supple and smooth. Serums, in general, are one of my favorites because they are typically loaded with high-quality, potent ingredients that help improve skin tone or texture."

-Camille Chulick

averr aglow essential renewing serum

(via Averr Aglow)


4. The name Averr Aglow refers to the word "aver," which means to state to be true.

"So, basically, 'True Glow.' The problem I have had in the past with clearing up my skin is it felt like I had to choose between clearing up my skin and having dewy, smooth skin. It felt like skincare for breakouts was very harsh and astringent, leaving my skin dry and irritated. When formulating, we looked for ingredients that would not only soothe and nourish the skin but also smooth and restore it. The philosophy was to help our clients achieve the best results and skin possible, leading to their true glow and feeling the confidence to take on whatever comes their way."

-Camille Chulick

5. The brand has always been about empowering women to feel confident in their own skin.

"All these issues can rob someone of feeling comfortable in their skin, from breakouts to scars to pigmentation. When we formulate, we center around how this product can help with the issue we are trying to solve. We look for nutrient-dense ingredients and source them worldwide to create clean, efficacious formulas. Our skincare products are packed with high-quality plant-based ingredients that our clients have come to love. I wanted to bring beautiful products that looked and smelled good and gave our clients the results we promised. Now we have a loyal fanbase of clients who continue to use and love our products because of how we have changed their skin and given them their confidence back."

-Camille Chulick

averr aglow clean skin kit with results

(via Averr Aglow)


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6. The best advice she ever got was to just start.

"As business owners, we can get trapped in the 'how' to do something instead of just starting. As you grow your business, you will iterate on your initial idea. It is easy to get caught up in getting everything perfect. In reality, nothing is perfect, and your idea/product/service will change by meeting the client's needs. I have been caught up in procrastinating, making one of my products perfect, which I changed drastically. Start, get client feedback, and continue to improve. I have heard this from different entrepreneurs through the years of the things they made mistakes on and appreciated the advice instilled in me."

-Camille Chulick

7. Camille has never stopped working on her mindset, and it's a habit that's taken her far.

"The brain is a muscle that needs support and exercise. Running a business can have its challenges. There are times when negativity and self-doubt can creep in. I have found that constantly feeding my mind helps when it feels like I want to quit or give up. There is so much advice out there, though, so it is important to ensure the direction is coming from someone with a proven track record. Over time, it has helped me build resiliency to challenges, and it has helped me to continue to grow and mold myself as an individual."

-Camille Chulick

8. The biggest skincare tip she has is to remember that the skin is an organ that needs to be taken care of like every other part of your body.
What's one skincare tip you want to share with the world?

"Beauty has evolved so much over the years, and specifically clean beauty. Now, after all of the avenues I have tried with my skin, my most significant change came after using skincare. Do not get me wrong, taking care of yourself internally is very important for skin health and health in general. However, applying high-quality skincare can drastically change a complexion. Skin can be the last organ to receive support from the nutrition you take internally. Applying skincare topically can help with many skin issues. Skin issues can come from different internal factors like hormones or imbalances. Still, skincare significantly affects how well your skin is supported and looks. It is important to note that not all skincare is created equal, as many grades of cosmetic ingredients will read the same on the ingredient label. Take time to know the values of who you are buying from and how they create their products. For example, we source premium-grade ingredients. I love the origin and getting to know the farmers from where we source our ingredients. We use fantastic items like cold-pressed oils, organic extracts, fruit waters, purees, exotic butters, etc. Taking care of your skin no matter your age will help feed your skin cells and the results you will see with your skin. As you age, your skin needs more support. To help it, supplementing skin care practices like led lights, facials, and good quality products will help you see the best skin possible. There are a lot of beauty products out there that are full of water or fillers, so do your research. Search out high-quality ingredients full of vitamins, minerals, omegas, etc, that can help boost your skin no matter your age."

-Camille Chulick

averr aglow ageless eyes day cream

(via Averr Aglow)


9. The most rewarding thing about her work is getting to see clients' results with the brand's skincare products.

"There have been so many significant transformations, it's unreal! Many of our clients come to us with scars, inflamed, dark marks, cystic acne, large pores, oily-looking skin—you name it. Their transformation to clear, smooth skin is exactly why I started this company. I am truly honored to be a part of my clients' lives through the results and transformations they achieve with our products."

-Camille Chulick


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10. Most of all, Camille believes that no one should have to struggle with their skin.

"I know the frustration that I went through, and I love to take the mystery out of breakouts and why they occur. Now that I understand the information, I feel empowered about why I had the issue. I love sharing this with other people going through the same experience. Breakouts can be complicated, but I aim to help others going through this to have a simple explanation so they can see true, lasting results and feel confident in their skin."

-Camille Chulick

averr aglow bundle with results

(via Averr Aglow)


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