These Zodiac Signs Are the Most (and Least) Compatible With Cancer

Pretty much anyone with even the most tenuous belief in astrology has checked out a compatibility chart to see if they and their crush were "meant to be."

Few things are more exciting than finding out you and that special someone are ultra-compatible, just like nothing takes the wind out of our sails like discovering the match is an uphill battle.

If you're curious about a Cancer in your life and whether the two of you will immediately hit it off or strike out, keep scrolling to see which signs are most and least compatible with the loyal and emotional crab.

Most Compatible


At first glance, it might be hard to see why Taurus and Cancer would make such a great match. Cancer has a gentle, emotional nature, while Taurus can sometimes struggle to truly embrace their feelings. But because Taurus and Cancer share similar values, they tend to help the other find balance when they enter a relationship. Both strive for stability, and are searching for a dependable and compassionate partner to share their lives with. Taurus is a realist who reels Cancer in when they give themselves to their emotions, while Cancer creates a sanctuary for Taurus to share themselves without judgment. They both appreciate and care for each other deeply and can find joy in quiet, peaceful moments together. Because of the way they complement the other, this is a strong pairing that's likely to last.


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No one understands a water sign like another water sign, which is way Cancer and Scorpio relationships are so common. They're both as emotionally sensitive as they are complicated, even if their approaches to those feelings tend to differ. They can seem almost empathic at times due to their finely tuned intuition, as if they can communicate complex ideas to each other without uttering a single word. Both demand a high level of commitment, and like being showered with attention from the people they care about, putting them on the same page about where the relationship stands. Even though Cancer can sometimes be a bit reluctant to fully open up, protecting themselves from potential hurt, Scorpio can see right through them. As long as attached Cancer is willing to give Scorpio the space they need to thrive, this can be one powerful match.



Surprise, surprise—Cancer is also quite compatible with the final water sign of the zodiac, Pisces. The powerful connection between these two signs is likely to be sweet and romantic, based on an emotional bond that makes them inseparable. Their unusual empathy means they  just get each other, and because they both think with their hearts first and their brains last, they'll never condemn the other for having a strong gut feeling about something, even if it doesn't seem important at all. That's not to say they'll never disagree—in fact, their feelings will sometimes pull them to opposite sides of an issue—but respect means it will rarely drive them part. Though Cancer may find Pisces' creative forms of self-expression a bit out there, and Pisces might scoff a bit at Cancer's traditional ways, that will rarely be enough to shake this bond.


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Least Compatible


Water and fire just don't mix, which can explain why watery Cancer and fire sign Aries can be such a difficult pairing. Where Aries is bold and brash, Cancer is highly sensitive. Aries' aggressive approach to romance can make delicate Cancers retreat even further into their shells. At the same time, Aries can be turned off when Cancer expresses the full extent of their emotions. Cancer can't handle someone who won't accept their complicated feelings, while Aries initially won't feel prepared to offer a shoulder to cry on. Aries can't understand why Cancer can't inspire and uplift themself, and why they'd rather rely on others for support. For these two to fully get along, they'll have to come to a compromise that's at odds with both natures.



While no match is impossible, Cancer and Gemini are both going to have to make some sacrifices if their relationship is going to work out. Gemini is a social butterfly that likes to keep things light and fun, while Cancer fully trusts only a select few and is deeply emotional. Gemini thrives on conversation, while Cancer can be secretive and expect others to understand their feelings on a gut level. Gemini loves to go out and befriend as many people as possible, while Cancer would much rather spend a quiet night at home watching a movie. One values freedom, while the other values security, which can make it tough for these two to find much in common in their lifestyles.


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People often assume that Aquarius, the water-bearer, is a water sign and that would make them a match with Cancer, but that's actually not the case. Aquarius is actually an air sign, and a relationship between these two can be marked with tension. Aquarius is a little bit out there, and they're not afraid to show it, which can immediately turn off timid Cancer. Aquarius moves so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up, while Cancer is prone to having their energy drained by strong extroversion. Cancer also depends on stability and security in their lives, while Aquarius can be unpredictable and impulsive, often changing their mind on a whim. While these two can connect strongly on an intellectual level, it may be hard for them to find balance in the other aspects.


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